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Sagar Singh Sahil

Sagar Sahil, Creator Of Blogging Desire

Hey, There!

I’m Sagar Sahil, A blogger by heart and researcher by mind. I started to share my blogging and SEO experience for my readers to helping them become a master of this game.

Yes, This is a game of Blogging, SEO and Online Passive Income. 

Catch Guides On

Blogging Desire - The Real Strategies Of SEO & Online Marketing 1

Start A Profitable Blog

create a blog to run your business online. Know how to build a blog with step by step guide


Proven SEO Strategies

Improve On + Off page Search Engine Optimization for ranking of blog. e.g. Keywords, Backlinks…

Blogging Desire - The Real Strategies Of SEO & Online Marketing 2

Monatize Your Blog

know the right algorithm to Make real money online through your blog even when you’re sleeping. 


Tools I Use

This module includes an awesome list of useful tools that I personally use and recommend to others for enhancing their growth.

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