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Sagar Singh Sahil

What Is BloggingDesire All About?

On the road of a successful career, Often we need something that encourage, inspire and motivate us to push forward and continue running till we do not achieve it. Right?

In fact, BloggingDesire is a great try to help Newbie as well as struggling bloggers to become an emerging and standard one. Blogging desire provides quality content of Next-Level Blogging, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Exclusive Tips, and Startup Passive Income Source that generates revenue even you’re sleeping or on holidays.

Better Business never sleeps so that you can sleep!

I’m here to help you making passive money and save more time. This is the aim of Blogging Desire.

We come with SEO proven strategies that push new bloggers ahead to the position they desire to be. The algorithm assists in growing organic traffic as well as in search of ranking.

[We support your desires, dreams & achievements and so I named it BloggingDesire because I think It suits my desires too.😀]

Why BloggingDesire?

You’re at the right place if you :

⭐ Want to Start Money Blogging & Growing Your Business with our proper Guidance.

⭐ Want to learn the full strategies of SEO, Digital or Online marketing for free.

⭐ Want to Establish a Source of Passive Income.

Blogging Desire is your platform and your voice.

How My Journey Starts?

Let’s back in 2016, I had done my intermediate exams and waiting for the result. It was obvious so I was living fully on holiday. But there running something in me. I used to spend hours on the internet searching career and its scopes.

I didn’t want to do jobs under anyone from 9 to 5 shackle. A free life is a real-life every person wishes to live.

While spending time on the internet, I came to know about blogging and its scope & benefits.

My first blog was about the self diary, quotes that are not really a good niche. But still, I was hoping for organic visitors. After that, I created a new blog on WordPress that worked fine than the former blog. I regulate it for some months afterward I leave it too. Sometimes it’s good to leave.

Day by day, I was getting familiar with blogging. It generates curiosity in me and so I read many books about blogging and its parts & done research online. there was only a need too to implement all things in proper way.

At this time, I’ve more than three websites in addition to

My Awesome Struggling Days

It is not about telling my bad days, It has some meanings.

  • I left one year after intermediate because I want to establish my own empire. I also couldn’t think the right way at the beginning of my career.
  • I left the Merchant Navy job because my parents don’t allow due to having the only son. They’re afraid to send me 9 months away in some ocean in a year.
  • I stop my earlier blogs on which I spend months.
Perhaps, I was born to be a blogger. Haha😆

I know Blogging is considered a herculean task by beginners. They start blogging with an untired excitement and energy but after 4-5 months they quit being blanked & demotivated. But Take It Easy now. I Am Here to tell you One Stop Solution 🙂

Contact me: If you have any query, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

You are awesome for staying till the end.

More stuff coming soon, so hold tight!

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Sagar Sahil


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