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Blog Titles: 9 Important Ideas [51 FREE Templates]

Do you get stuck in making an attention-grabbing Blog Title?

You are researching on how to write a great title of blog article that means you know the importance of it.

Let the truth be told, It is not just your issue, a good number of newbies are facing problems in dealing with writing catchy blog post titles.

Even in Google’s top SERP, People like to click on the finest title. Right?  

Be worry- free!

This guide – “9 Exclusive Tips for every bloggers on eye-catching blog post title templates” is try to make you know to craft appealing and powerful blog headlines that will not only get more clicks but also be shared a lot.

Going it throughout, You will know how to take blog post headline along the right track like pro bloggers do. 

 It’s a Right Time to Correct Your Mistakes.

 Let’s dive in.

Blog Title That Gets More Clicks And Shares

Blog Title - Outlines

#1. Optimal Length For Your Blog Titles

Does length of blog titles matter?

YES, Of course.

After spend hours on writing a specific killer article, your all hard work possibly go in vain due to a poor title. 

In real, A high percentage of bloggers in blogosphere really don’t care of this especially newbies. And simultaneously they talk about coming minor traffic on their post and so on their blog.

According to the most of the SEO authorities, The optimal size of a blog SEO title should in about 60 characters.

You must aware of these names. These are the top-notch SEO Plugins.

Aside from this, Google itself cut-off long titles at most times. The part remains visible is nearly 60 characters. 

So, it would be far better if you create a short, sweet and eye-catching blog title under 60 characters. Doing this, you won’t have to worry about truncated titles.  

#2. Use Power Words To Catch Attention

Words have power to make changes or create influence in the reader’s mind.

To be honest, whether it is Google, YouTube or Magazines, I mostly go through the content which consists power words and have attraction in their title.

See the shares of the blog titles that use power words;

clickable blog titles
Catchy Blog Titles

These are the metrics of Copyblogger & Socialmediaexaminer respectively.

Seeing it you must understand its importance.

However, if you don’t have sufficient power vocabulary, RankMathSEO and SUMO Published a great collection of power words to put in Landing PagesBlog Titles to make it well deserved to get more clicks.

You will definitely love the list of Power Vocabulary.

Use Alternative Words Wherever it befit 

Using The common words can result in boring for your readers. 

Don’t afraid to act with some best befit alternative words to resist visitors from scrolling away.

Taking action on alternative words to give a shine in your blog headline/title is really works.

Have a look on some very common words with its close synonyms.

  • Very useful –  expedient, effective, nifty, handy, valuable
  • Very important –  crucial, vital, essential, paramount, imperative
  • Amazing – astounding, bewildering, stunning, shocking, breathtaking
  • Good – fantastic, wonderful, exceptional, cool, excellent.

I use WordHippo for the suitable alternative words. It’s a fun.

Remember: Make sure you aren’t using non-matching or misleading words in your blog title that readers could not figure it out. 

#3. Use Right Keyword Phrase in Blog Titles

How your article rank without adding keywords?

No blogger should forget this crucial step.

Keywords are the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Firstly, you need to find a best and trending Focus Keyword that you use throughout the blog article but it must not be use many times otherwise google search crawlers doesn’t rank it due to high keyword stiffing,

The most important thing is to make the content original and readers-friendly. 

However, During inserting your keywords in blog titles, few points must be remembered on how to use primary keywords in Blog Article for the better outcomes.

  1. Use your primary keyword at the beginning of the Blog SEO Title.
  2. Use primary keyword in Permalink and Meta Description.
  3. Add primary keyword cleverly in the Introduction part of your content.
  4. Write Primary Keyword in the Image ALT Attributes.
  5. Use it At least one of the Sub-heading.
The above points are not telling you to primary keywords more times but use it cleverly in your blog post to manage Keyword Density. 

The main thing is to remain it Exciting to read.

#4. Type Your Blog Title on Google Search

After you find right primary keyword phrase for your blog title and  blog post, The next thing you should do is to type it on Google to see what results it shows in SERPs.

It displays you many hints for creating a perfect blog title. 

Do you get it?

OK, here’s some points you must look at in SERP. 

  1. Pay attention to the titles your competitors have used.
  2. Look at ‘Related Searches‘.
  3. Look at ‘People Also Ask‘.
  4. If you use SEMRush tool, You can check the Keyword Difficulty, Competition, Cost-per-click(CPC), Search volume per month, Best performing Keywords.
  5. Alternatively, you can use Ubersuggest or WMS Everywhere extensions with the limited services.
Now, you could better get it.🙂

#5. Pay Attention To Titles You Like

Everyday, you must encounter with a number of titles. It be on blogs, magazines, newspapers, breaking news on television, or YouTube.

Firstly, we attract to a catchy title and then allow our time to read it seeing its title useful for us. 

Do you read all context?

Some you read and some you scroll away. Why?

Just because, not every title is attention-grabbing or compelling to you. Right?

This is what happens with most of the readers.

So, it’s essential to analyze your response on every titles you like to read or attract towards it. 

Also, Ensure that your blog titles must not be poor but creative, promising and clickable so that visitors can’t ignore it to read. Consequently, it comes out as a highly shareable content.

#6. Add Numbers, Emotions, Brackets in Blog Titles


Numbered posts are eye catching that tells about the listings, information and how long the post would be. It gives a sense of learning new things.

Include number in blog titles to make readers excited to open it. 

Listing Blog Titles

This is the data analyzed by Conductor to check the performance of types of headlines.

✔ Emotions

We are humans not bots. We all have feelings, emotions in us.

Emotional Headline Analyzer scan your headline/title to calculate the percentage of emotions in your blog headline.

You think, It is waste of time but It is not so.

✔ Brackets

Using brackets or parentheses are other smart ways to make blog title more compelling.

According to HubSpot survey, Titles with brackets performed 38%better than titles without them.

Example: 23 Surprising Ways To Enhance Blog Traffic (Must Check #7) 

It provides extra information about blog post and generates curiosity to click. 

✔ Hyphens(-) Or Colons(:)

Often you see titles with hyphens or colons used by even pro bloggers.

This is why because it gives unexpected positive results moreover.

Example: Meta Description: Use These 5 strategies for High Conversion. 

It looks cool in Search Engine Result Pages.

#7. Say No To Click-Bait

It is just really annoying for users when you do click-bait. It’s a terrible idea.

Stop telling different words in your title that you don’t share in content. If they don’t catch for which they land on the post page, will be surely disappoint them.

This creates a sense of cheating in your visitors.

And no one likes to be cheated.

Resulting, they hate the content and left the site. 

You must stay trust-worthy for your audience for growing your business day and night. 

Apart from this, You should offer a quality content on a specific topic containing Factual Information and Values that could help readers.

#8. Write At least 15 Titles For Every Blog Post

Sound Strange?

BUT,  It is such an awesome way to pick the best blog titles that give you better results in terms of Clicks, Engagements, Shares, etc.

You give much time in studying, searching, and writing a blog post but who one knows what you have written and how good.

This is where a catchy blog title makes your work easy attracting more people to land and read the blog post. 

Obviously, If you give values inside your content, readers must love it reading and share it by own.

In the initial stage, you have to do this to filter out the best blog titles for your every blog post.

#9. Be Unique And Specific

This is again an important factor where you must head on. 

In blogosphere, there are numerous titles but you have to create an extremely specific blog title that audience consider it to open.

Let’s make it easy with NRIS formula.

  1. Think of using words related to your blog Niche.
  2. Research competitor’s top titles on SERPs Using SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest to extract best Keyword Phrase to get instant ranking.
  3. Make it Interest-Generating title that contains Power Words, Numbers, Emotions.
  4. At the time of final touch, Reread the title to catch its sound (Excellent or need more improvements).
In order to beat the competition, You have to be better in things that most of the bloggers ignore.
Nothing wrong in this, you just be very transparent & honest to your visitors and guide them with best ever strategies that helped them more.

Get Bonus🤩

I try to cover a Bonus Part in every article, How can I forget it here.

*Some useful websites that can help you to create a Great Blog Titles.

  1. ShareThrough & CoSchedule –  Headline Analyzer 
  2. Aminstitute – Emotional Marketing Value Score.
  3. Answer The Public – Blog Titles Generator
  4. Portent – Content Idea Generator

FREE: Examples Of 51 Blog Title Templates

Take A Direct Move To The Blog Post Title Templates;

⭐ For Detailed Guides

You might often write a detailed article that touches all the things related to the topic. 

In other words, it is called pillar content that actually includes many internal links as well as external links of your website pages.

And so this is an invaluable post that has high chances to rank fast. This kind of content must have an attention-grabbing Headline.

Let’s have a look at some great examples that you can use in your blog headlines.

    •  The Complete Guide To  _________________.
    •  A Supreme Guide To _________________.
    •  The Ultimate Guide To __________________.
    •  A Practical Guide To _________________.
    •  An Essential Guide To _________________.
    •  In Depth Guide To _______________.
    •  The Definitive Guide To _______________.
    •  A Beginner’s Guide To _______________.
    •  A Step By Step Guide To ________________.
    • A-Z Guide To _____________.
    • A Comprehensive Guide To ______________.
    • A Quick Start Guide To _________________.
    • The Uncensored Guide To _______________.
    • The Unrivaled Guide To __________.
    • Everything You Need To Know About _________.
    • A Master Guide To _____________.

You can also arrange it like below examples so that it makes a difference in your pillar article’s titles. This way you can put your focus keywords at the very beginning of your blog titles. 

  • ______________________: (Definitive Guide).
  • ______________________: [Beginner’s Guide]
  • ______________________: {2020 Updated}
  • ______________________: Advanced Guide
  • ______________________: Quick Guide

You can also find other ways to make a unique blog title that increases CTR and engagements on your post.

⭐For How To Titles

Needless to say about the uses of the “how-to” title. Every blogger is familiar with this. People search ‘how to’ sentences in search engines to solve or fix their problems. So, it is basically a problem-solving title that people want to get through.

Here’re a few examples that help you with How To Title.

  •  How To Start __________.
  •  How To _____________  the Right Way.
  •  How To ____________ In X Easy Steps.
  •  How To Skyrocket Your _____________ In X Steps.

⭐For List Posts Titles

List Posts Titles are the most clicked titles on search engines. These titles not only get more clicks but also have more shares and engagements.

Take a look at list-post title templates;

  •  X Smart ways to ____________.
  •  X Proven Strategies to ___________.
  •  X Painless ways _____________.
  •  X Brilliant And Latest Ways To __________.
  •  X Best _________ You Must Know To ________.
  •  X Effective Ways To _____________.
  •  X Reasons why you ______________.
  •  X Proven Tips To _______________.
  •  X Things You Need To Know Before ___________.
  • X Shocking Facts about ____________.
  • X Ordinary Myths about ___________.
  • X Important Factors To ______________.
  • X Reasons Why You Are Failing In _________.
  • A Massive List Of ___________.
  • The Ultimate List Of ____________.

⭐For Review Titles

Reviewing or comparison posts are often searched for and liked by visitors. This type of post is generally written for affiliate marketing and earns huge revenue. So It must be catchy that compels people to click on and enter the content page.

See the Review templates;

  •  ________ VS  ________: The Winner Revealed.
  •  _________ VS ________: Know What Experts Say.
  •  An Honest Review Of ___________.
  •  How ________ Can Help You To ____________.
  •  The Best ___________ For Beginners.
  •  The Best Alternatives Of _____________.
  •  __________VS_________: Which Is Really Better?
  •  Pros + Cons of ____________: [Complete Review]
  •  Ins And Outs of ___________: (Unbiased Review)
  • X Secrets You Should Know About _____________.
  • _____________: Good Or Bad?

There’s no limit of creativity, I encourage you to make a Good-Looking and Arresting Titles For Your Blog Posts.

Some of the best blog title generator:

1. Fatjoe   2. SEOpressor

So, These two are one of the best blog post title generator.

This is to let you know: Don’t try to cheat your visitors otherwise they hate the content and leave your website. 

So, always gift them Genuine Quality Content with Values that really helps them to get the exact knowledge they are looking for🔎.

Final Thoughts: Best Blog Titles

Congrats! You’re now all set to create Click-Worthy Best Blog Titles.

With 51 Templates as Bonus.

Now, creating a blog title, You can replace the old titles by a catchy one.

Remembering an unknown saying – “A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution is visionary; the person who goes out and does something about it is an Entrepreneur.”

Many bloggers spend a lot of time completing a blog post but don’t give little time to make unique and worth shareable blog titles.

Honestly, If you want to be the master blogger, You must have that kind of vision.

Hoping You Enjoyed Reading This Guide. 

Send me your valuable comments.

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