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🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger – Highly Useful

Are You Using Some Great Handy Chrome Extensions That Every Blogger Should Be Using?

If your reply is Yes, I appreciate your work and,

If your reply is No, You just need to go through this guide to get its advantages from Today.

Extensions are not only saved a lot of time but also flourish Your Art Of Blogging faster and effectively.

I am gonna list a small number of Free Best Chrome Extensions For Every Blogger to get profits from them and increase the blog’s productivity.

The best part is – All Are Free To Use.

Let’s dive in right now.

Best Chrome Extensions For Every Blogger

“Installing and using chrome extensions are super fast and easy. In the chrome web store, simply click the “Add to Chrome” button in the upper right corner and then click the “Add extension” button that pops up.”

Get Tip: Installing too many extensions can make your browser working slow. So add Only those extensions which you use in everyday life.

1. Grammarly

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 1

I personally using Grammarly Tool since I knew about its uncommon advanced features.

Without Grammarly, writing looks incomplete or uninfluenced.

Grammarly is used by both Beginners and Experts. No matter how experienced you are, Mistakes can be done by anybody because To Err Is Human.

This tool not only helps you to correct writing errors but also gives your writing a sound & more confident look by suggesting perfect words, suitable phrases, punctuation issues.

grammarly - best blogging resources and tools

This extension is compatible with the text fields on places like Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, WordPress, and more. 

This means that once you add this extension you’ll start seeing writing suggestions as you type.

See what Forbes say about Grammarly;

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 2

Grammarly is available with Free and Paid services. 

You can even love its Free plan.

However, if you are a newbie and want to invest in Grammarly Paid plan for unbound & unlimited improving features then trust me your investment in it will return double benefit to you in many senses.

2. SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 3

WooRank SEO Analysis extension is surely be tried once by bloggers.

WooRank shows you actionable insights to optimize your website and marketing efforts.

The Data Analytical benefits of using this tool are:

  • 1. On-Page Search Engine Optimization: Content, Indexing, Mobile-friendliness, Branding, Structured Data, Security, Domain, Technologies, and more.
  • 2. Off-Page SEO: Backlinks, Traffic, Social Profiles.

Start its Free Trail for 14 days accessing all the premium features.

3. Keyword Everywhere & WMS Everywhere

Keyword everywhere ratings

Keyword Everywhere is one of the best names for listing long-tail keywords for your every query without any hassle. It mentions Search Volume, CPC, Competition at the same time.

This extension displays data on the basis of Google Search Console, YouTube, Amazon, or others.

Keyword Everywhere offers both freemium and premium services.

The best alternative chrome extension for keyword everywhere is What’s My SERP i.e. WMS Everywhere

It is almost similar to the earlier one that gives you more information in free service.

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 4

Both the extension reveals ‘Related Keywords’ as well as ‘People also ask for’ Keywords.

wms everywhere keyword tool

you can join its premium service to catch the competition column in the info list.

Also, Show Your post position in SERP just adding keywords or putting URL simply.

I will suggest you use any of these two extensions.

4. Similar Web

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 5

It is just regretting that I couldn’t list Similar Web to the top of the list.

This free and special extension lets you see the traffic results and key metrics of any websites including traffic source, engagement rate, website rank, visit over time, Geo locations, and many more in-depth insights just at one place in a single click.

If you ever need to know the info about any website you must go through this revealing extension.

As a blogger, whatever your niche is, You will need this extension sooner or later to see your competitor website’s insights. 

So, I recommend you add a similar web extension in your chrome toolbar.

5. SEO Meta In 1 Click

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 6

The name of the extension says all itself. 

SEO Meta in 1 click shows all metadata and SEO information to save your precious time and let you manage it better.

It mainly focuses on displaying

  1. Title and Description with its lengths
  2. Displaying headers in order to their arrangements. (H1,H2,…..H6)
  3. Number of images  with or without alt 
  4. URL and Canonical URL
  5. Meta Robots
  6. Total number of links (internal, unique)
  7. robots.txt and sitemap.xml
  8. Tools and more. 

With this extension, you can improve your SEO visibility for your blog(s).

6. SEO Quake

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 7

SEO Quake is one of the most recommended SEO Chrome Extensions.

SEO Quake extension is a free one that provides you key SEO parameters of any website. 

Its a kind of SEMRush service that includes 

  1. Showing key insights of any websites
  2. Complete analysis of SERPs
  3. Keyword Difficulty(KD)
  4. Run a complete SEO audit of a webpage, including a check for mobile compatibility 
  5. counts backlinks
  6. show internal and external links
  7. Compare URLs/  Domains
This extension is useful that once enabled gives you several metrics of web pages.

7. Page Analytics By Google

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 8

Are you curious to know about how your audience/customers interact with your web pages?

This extension displays the statistics of  your customers including what they click or don’t click and

  1. Google Analytics metrics
  2. Pageviews and unique pageviews
  3. Average time on page
  4.  Bounce rate 
  5. Number of active visitors
  6. In-Page Click Analysis (where users click)
Install this chrome extension to optimize and improve your user experience and increase conversions.

8. Buffer

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 9

Social platforms are the topmost way to attract your visitors and earn their clicks as people spends lots of time surfing on social media. 

Buffer is the best way to share great content to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web, with just one click.

This google chrome extension easily allows you to schedule contents and automatically shorten the URLs to share it on social media networks. 

Over 300K people using this extension and leaves excellent ratings. 

9. GMass

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 10

GMass is an awesome service of mass mailing and merging for Gmail.

Do you need this??

YES, if you want easiness in the process of mass mailing. Here are some useful features. 

Best Chrome Extension

Trust me, This chrome extension can light your pressure in controlling and sending emails. 

10. Email Hunter

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 11

More often You look for Genuine Email Addresses for several business purposes.

  1. Email Address for Various Business Purposes.
  2. Contact for Publishing Guest Articles.
Email Hunter finds email addresses from anywhere on the web just in one click.

This chrome extension can help you to find out them easily.

Along with the email addresses, you can get the Names, Job Titles, Social Networks, and Phone Numbers.

This extension is used by more than 2 million people including salespeople, marketers, bloggers, professionals who need to reach out.

After signing up, You get free 50 searches per month. However, You can upgrade it into a paid version to beat the limitations.

11. Mail Track

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 12

As name implies, this forever free chrome extension tracks your emails for Gmail.

Mail Track shows you the statistics of Emailing Information such as,

  1. Emails Sent but not opened(✔) or Opened(✔✔)
  2. How many times it opens.
  3. Send real time pop-ups just when someone opens your email.
  4. Access Dashboard to filter read emails or not read ones.
best chrome extension for email

Join for the free unlimited email tracking like more than 3 million people. 

12. Evernote

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 13

Evernote is the known extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account. 

Using This extension, you can take Clips, Highlights, Annotates, Screenshots, Etc.  to save it in the Evernote account to use it whenever or wherever you need it.

The data will remain to be saved safely in your account.

Evernote Web Clipper is one of the most valuable and advantageous extensions which has more than 4 million satisfied users.

13. Save To Pocket

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 14

I always like and recommend helpful extensions like save to pocket.

This extension lets you save your favorite long or short articles, videos from YouTube, Newsfeeds, Memes, or anything you find on web pages. It works just in a click and lists your saves for later for distraction-free reading or watching.

after installing this extension you can save things in the following three ways

  1. Click the pocket icon in the installed extension list or,
  2. Right-click a link and select ‘save to pocket’ or,
  3. Use shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+P (Windows) AND, Command+Shift+P (Mac)
Therefore, Save To Pocket is a must use extension for every blogger.

14. Easy Ad Blocker

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 15

While browsing, Easy AdBlocker extension quickly makes your way clear stopping types of ads on webpages.  

This free effective extension will let you

  • Block video ads, banners, pop-ups, crypto-miners, websites
  • Accelerate your navigation
  • Save on bandwidth
This extension is one of the best ad blockers that automatically blocks all kinds of ads.
 If too many ads start annoying you in your work try this one at least once.

15. Awesome Screenshot

annotate images for blog post

Awesome Screenshot is the topmost rated extension for capturing full page screenshots, Screen recording and adding annotations.

With this useful extension, You’ll not only capture selected or scrolling screenshot in PNG format but also You can communicate with your images by adding annotations, blur or mark sensitive part. 

This extension supports Google Drive.

Surprisingly, this extension is available at no cost and its global users are over 2 million.

16. Screencastify

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 16

Screencastify is #1 special and trusted screen video recorder for chrome. This is the most installed screen recorder extension on chrome.

Screencastify lets you record up to 5 minutes each in HD quality – with no watermark. Additionally, It has also offer trimming and export options.

The great thing is FREE Offering.

Use this one to explore your video creativity and for adding videos on blogs or publishing it on YouTube. 

You’ll also get the option to embed your webcam into the recording.

17. Whatfont

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 17

Do you search for a good looking font?

WhatFont extension is the easiest way to find your favorite font. 

This revealing extension shows the font names on any webpage just by hovering on them. 

However, for others, this is not mandatory. But if this comes under your need it is a simple and straightforward extension.

18. Colorpick Eyedropper

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 18

As a blogger you use a variety of colors while decorating your layouts or posts. 

Here, Colorpick Eyedropper makes your job easier and faster. 

This extension gives you the color code of that particular part you are pointing which later you can use at the place of need.

19. Link Miner

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 19

And this is again a useful chrome extension that displays you the broken links on any web page you are viewing with its metrics.

With Link Miner extension, users can export all the links from any web page.

You’ll also be able to check total or external links on the web pages as well. 

20. URL Shortener

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 20

As a matter of fact, a Long URL looks bad and less clickable in comparison to a short URL. 

Try URL Shortener Free Extension to make your URLs clickable and shareable. This extension is a must for every blogger to shorten URLs. The list of URL shortener service available;

Apart from making a shorter URL, it also generates QR Code for that link. 

So, all of its features make it great to be listed on this list.

21. Sticky Notes

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 21

If you’re fond of writing notes and save it with beautiful fonts & interface then this extension is for you.

Sticky Notes are extremely simple to use.

But this is not compulsory for all bloggers.

Some bloggers use Notepad, some use Google Docs or others. So, you can select any medium that suits most to you. 

Make sure you make an account there so that your save notes to be stored safely and you can sync it any device you will access through.

22. Stay Focused

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 22

Stay Focused is to help you a lot in order to increase productivity in your work by restricting the amount of time you spend on wasted websites. 

You sit down at the laptop you set your mind to complete the work which is undone yet. After a while, you diverted by the notifications of Facebook, Reddit, or other websites that consume most of your time and leave you unproductive. Is It Right?

All this leaves you making procrastination.

 So, be focused and work without any interruption using this helpful extension.


23. Momentum

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 23

Momentum is an impactful free extension that helps you keeping speed in your work. 

Momentum replaces a new tab with a personal dashboard pointing inspiration things and increases focus. You’ll get

  1. New Inspiring Photo and Quote each day 
  2. Set daily goals and Manage TO-DO lists
  3. Get whether information
  4. Show bookmarks in new tab
  5. Balance your Uptime & Downtime
  6.  And get more things.

You can join Momentum Plus to unlock many customizations.

This extension is for those bloggers who want to increase productivity in their work.

24. LastPass

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 24

We usually forget passwords at the login into accounts.

LastPass is to secure your passwords and allow you safely access from every computer or mobile device. It is an award-winning password manager.

Create a Strong Master Password with LastPass and saves your other usernames and passwords to it. It will auto-login to your sites and sync your passwords everywhere you need them.

Remembering all passwords for each access might be a headache for many. 

With this risk-free useful extension, you only need to remember LastPass Master Password.

The ratings of this free extension are excellent due to its functionality of securing passwords.

25. EasyBlogCommenting

🎯25 Best Chrome Extensions For Blogger - Highly Useful 25

Most often we don’t comment on the blog due to filling up three-four line details. But this extension is for those who love to leave thoughts or comment on blogs.

Easyblogcommenting is introduced by Harsh Agarwal, Founder of ShoutMeLoud. 

This time-saving extension automatically fills your name, email address, and website URL. 

All you’ll have to do is to write your message in the comment box.


I hope the tools I listed may help you to find your requisite Best Chrome Extensions🔎.

All are free to use. 

However, You can buy paid subscriptions if you’re looking for unlimited features to enhance the flow of Blogging.

Don’t Forget To Tell Me – What’s your best companion tool or whose assistance you liked the most?🙋‍♂️

It would be a pleasure if you share this guide so that this article can be helpful for others too 😃.

And That would be A Great Help (It takes a few seconds to yours).

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  1. Wow! Definitely going to re-tweet this post. Appreciate the mention from the team!

    Would love to collaborate on future posts as well. There’s other free tools you might be interested in such as our SERP tracker or checker.

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    1. Thanks, Anthony🙏
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  2. Hey Sagar Sahil ,

    Excellent post. I really appreciate your efforts and hard-work.

    You have done a fab-work here and suggested the best chrome extensions for bloggers. Your each of the suggested chrome extensions are so important and they must be used by every blogger.

    You have introduced each chrome extension in a very nice way along with all the crucial information that is true enough to understand & educate the readers as well.

    Grammarly is really a helpful extension that helps users to sort out several grammatical errors, spellings mistakes, punctuation and will absolutely make the content error-free. Screencastify is also an interesting chrome extension that lets the user to record HD quality video in less instant of time. Url Shortener is also a useful extension that helps user to shorten the bigger url links.

    According to me your all the suggested chrome extensions are useful for bloggers.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a helpful post.

    1. Thanks, Aadarsh 😀
      Yes, I just want to suggest the real list of essential google chrome extensions that I used or using currently.
      Your thoughts about Grammarly is no doubt a true tool that every blogger must use in order to command his/her mistakes in grammar. it makes your writing looks professional.
      However, the rest of the extensions are really helpful in their respective work.

      If find a new one then I’ll update here. Cheers!

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