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13 Best Email Marketing Company 2023 (A+ Business Software)

Lots of new online marketers or beginner bloggers ignore the mountainous importance of using and growing their business through email marking software.

It gives a number of benefits like sales conversion, traffic gathering, real audience, marketing automation and you know what others. Right?

Unsurprisingly, global marketing is running effectively with digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing.

In this article, I listed the best email marketing company so that you get the standard and next-level tool for your small or large business.

Let’s get started!  

13 Best Email Marketing Companies to Grow Your Online Business

Table of Content: Top Email Marketing Companies

Best Email Marketing Software 2023 (Includes Free & Paid Services)

Look at this one-view analytical table for best email marketing company.

Company Spaciality Price Starts Try It Out
1. GetResponce
Professional's Choice
2. Constant Contact
Quality Provider
3. SendInBlue
Free Unlimited Contacts
4. Convert Kit
Bloggers friendly
5. Active Campaign
Automation Champ
6. Mailer Lite
Simple & Newbie Friendly
7. MooSend
All-in-one marketing
8. AWeber
Affiliate Link Passer
9. Sender
More in less
10. MailChimp
Old is Gold
11. HubSpot
CRM & Marketing
12. OmniSend
13. Automizy
Right Time Delivery

1. Get Response

get response - best e-marketing services

Foundation Year – 1998

Get Response is one of the most trusted and has been up to expectations for years.

Large companies and enterprises use this email marketing software for working on various features e.g. email marketing, sales funnel, landing pages, marketing automation, webinars, signup forms and lots more. 

And so, it is also called All-in-one marketing software.

In short, Get Response is a powerful but simple-to-use email service that available at an unbeatable price with such a great list of services.

Support –   24/7live chat/email in 8 languages.

Try out ‘Get Response’ 30-day free trial (No credit card required).

2. Constant Contact

constant contact - Email Marketing tools

Founded year – 1995

Constant Contact is another standard & easy-to-use email marketing software that has been so good in satisfying their customers according to the responses they leave on the internet.

It is popularly known for sending smarter emails with its drag & drop designs rather than a complicated way. 

Also, it tracks your results in real-time which helps you to improve them.

So, what do you think about this software?

Support – 24*7 Live chat / call/ video tutorial/ community support

Free trial offer Free for the first one month.

3. SendInBlue

sendinblue - best email marketing services

Founded Year – 2007

SendInBlue is a revolutionary email marketing company which is wallet-friendly and one of the best option for beginners who don’t have extra money to invest for email functionality.

Talking about its features are email marketing, SMS marketing, marketing automation, CRM, Transactional emails, signup forms, white-label and landing pages.

Nowadays, it is one of the leading email marketing software all across the world due to its less in more features.

Support – Live chat support/ help center

Get started with Free Account on Sendinblue.

4. ConvertKit

best blogging resources and toolsconvert Kit

Founded year – 2013

ConvertKit is lovable and the more friendly email marketing software which gives you a professional ride even on free plans.

This cool email tool offers email marketing, email designer, automation, landing pages, signup forms, integrations and ecommerce tools.

You’ll not be disappointed growing your small or new business with Convert kit. 

Support – Live chat / Ticket/ Help center

Free trial  –  Service available

5. Active Campaign

Best E-marketing services: Active Campaign

Year of foundation – 2003

ActiveCampaign is one of the old and popular names in the market.

It deals with email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM categories and prior to builds incredible connections with their customers.

The company charges you on the basis of contacts you have. So, it may be a bit costly for small business owners or beginners but the service is really maintained awesomely.

Once a user, always a user of this tool!

Support – Live chat/phone/message/training

Free trial – Yes (no credit card required).

6. Mailer Lite

Best E-marketing services: Mailer Lite

Founded year – 2010

MailerLite, You can also call it, everybody’s email marketing software due to the simplest solution of many premium features at one place at some penny.

They provide you features like  A/B testing, autoresponder, campaign management, responsive landing page, track your results and more. 

The best part of this email marketing company is to provide such an unmatchable collection still it is one of the cheapest & affordable options in the marketing industry.

Don’t be doubtful, its customer support is more than better as their customers replied.

Support – Live chat/message/knowledge base/tutorials

Free trial – Yes, (Creative & pocket friendly)

7. MooSend

best E-marketing Business Tools : MooSend

Year of foundation –  2012 

Moosend is grown as the ultimate email marketing software that also has good functionality in marketing automation without breaking your bank.

It works with your step-by-step marketing game and creates responsive and customer-friendly newsletters to amaze your subscribers to be joined.

The best parts you would like in it are ease of use and affordability.

Support: Live chat/help/webinar

Free account – Yes, (truly amazing).

8. AWeber

aweber - best e-marketing services

Year of foundation – 1998

Yes, AWeber has completed its success of more than 20 years. 

Aweber is the solid pack of powerful email marketing features like A/B testing, autoresponders, simple and easy drag & drop landing page builder with SEO management.

Apart from these basic tools, AWeber offers miscellaneous awesome features that simplify and grow small business marketing such that you can put affiliate link in your emails using AWeber. That’s a gem feature.

Expectedly, customer leaves pleasant reviews about this email business software that shows its service and customer relationship bonds.

Support – Live chat/ call/ email

Free Trial – Available (no credit card required).

9. Sender

best E-marketing services for small business: Sender

Foundation Year – 2012

Sender is an award-winning email marketing company that has made its name in the email market industry in the few past years. 

The best features of this email tool are smart automation, awesome email delivery, catchy templates and data analytics.

One of the best features offered by sender is its…free plan that includes 15,000 emails per month for up to 2500 subscribers. Isn’t it a sign of unparalleled affordability?

And, of course, helping hand for beginners and small developing entrepreneurs.

Overall, a good option for small business owners.

Support – Live chat/ email/ help center

Free Account – Yes, They offer a free email service.

10. MailChimp

Mailchimp: Best Cheap E-marketing service

Foundation Year – 2001

MailChimp is one of the most reputed and popular email marketing companies worldwide. 27 million people land here every month.

It is also called to be the all-in-one integrated email software for small businesses.

Mailchimp provides a number of essential and important features like other company offering i.e. newsletter, scheduling, simple-to-use dashboard, 250+ integrations etc. 

So it’s a good option for newbies to go with it.  However, Some missed or limited features may disappoint you such as automation.

Support – Email/ help center

Service – freemium/free service is available.

11. HubSpot

Hubspot: Best Free E-marketing platform for business growth

Foundation year – 2006

HubSpot is one of the brilliant email business growing software for small companies as well as enterprises. 

Some appraisable features are marketing automation, CRM integration, A/B testing, subscriber/lead management, analytics etc. 

However, its introductory plan starts from $50 per month. Doesn’t it sound costly?

Support – Live online/ help center

Check out: Free trial/ free version is available.

12. OmniSend

Omnisend: E-marketing business services tool

Omnisend started in 2014 as an email marketing platform called Soundest. Later, in 2017 they changed to Omnisend.

This user-friendly email marketing company is offering a number of useful features at a very affordable price that can be fit for everyone’s pocket. 

So, it is the cheaper and better option than many email providers that charge much and provides below the line.

Some brilliant features are e-commerce marketing management, email templates, drag and drop content editor, catchy newsletter, migration tools, 40+ integrations and more.

Support – 24/7 live/ online

Service – Freemium and introductory standard plan price start at $16 per month.

13. Automizy

Automizy: Best E-marketing service free

Automizy software founded in 2014.

For running a small new or moderate-sized business, Automizy can be shortlisted. It has a good variety of designs to assist you in improving the email open rate by 34%.

With this email marketing company, you get a simple email editor, visual automation, mobile-friendly signups forms, click map, integrations, segmentation, analytics and management.

However, you might feel limited with its free version as compared to Convertkit, Mailerlite or Sendinblue.

Support – Live chat/ help center

Service – Free trial for a 14-day/ introductory plan starts at $9 per month.

FAQ: Best Email Marketing Services?

After reading the smart list of the best email marketing company,

Make sure to read these FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) if you have these questions in your mind to clear any doubt.

Q1. What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a kind of digital marketing that involves business growing or promoting criteria on the internet. 

Due to time effect, digital marketing is now far effective than traditional way of marketing.

Q2. Why Email Marketing Is So Important?

Without any doubt, it is an important part of digital marketing. A great number of companies deal with this. (Not be wrong if I say almost every company or small business).

Let me give you an example – Suppose you have a big list of emails of your targeted audience then you can bring even server crushing traffic to your blog or website for multiple purposes like 

  1. Join the webinar
  2. Welcome Email or Newsletter
  3. Update information
  4. Sell affiliated digital products
  5. Pro memberships
  6. Simply reading the latest article you just published on blog (it gives your post an instant boost and benefit of ranking).

Q3. What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?

There’re numerous benefits of doing an email marketing business.

Let me tell you one by one;

  1.  Easy promotion of any service, company or purpose.
  2.  Highly affordable than traditional marketing.
  3. It reaches more people all around the world at one time i.e. to the targeted people of your niche.
  4. It is time-saving as requires less time as compared to offline marketing and has a high success rate.
  5. The best part is that you track the analytics of your email software dashboard where you can see the charts, graphs, records that tell show you how effective things is going. It makes easy to understand where you need improvements.

Q4. Best Email Marketing Company for Bloggers?

ConvertKit, MooSend, Mailerlite are the best and the cheapest options for the best email marketing company in the market for bloggers.

Just Rock On!

Q5. Best Email Marketing Software for Beginners?

Different bloggers say different things.

But…For beginners or newbies, I personally recommend to go with any one of the best tools available with free account like a welcome and supporting gift

Omnisend, SendInBlue, or MailChimp are great and popular email software worldwide.

Q6. How Email Marketing Make Money?

Entrepreneurs on the internet make more than expected money via email marketing strategies. 

Here’re the main strategies to earn money through email marketing.

1. Send the audience to the targeted location i.e. landing page of affiliate products to sell so that when they buy from there, you get lots of commission per success to sell (It has a high success rate).

2. Sell your own services/ digital products.

3. Invite audience in webinars to promote your Products/ Course/ Membership etc. 

4. Earn with top affiliate networks Clickbank, JVZOO, etc. through your email list.

Amateur entrepreneurs are doing great in the email marketing business.  

Q7. Free Software to Start Email Marketing Business

Many email marketing companies offer free accounts with some limited features but enough for beginners to start with confidence. 

Mainly of them are ConvertKit, Moosend, SendInBlue, Mailerlite.

Verdict: The Best Email Marketing Company (2023)

How to choose the best email marketing company from the above list?

Let me make it simple and easy for you.


Choose the one you have selected from the above list and Just Start.

I Would Like to hear from You!

So, after completing this list of powerful and best email marketing companies, I would like to read your awesome comment on your favorite email marketing software.

“Run your business in the smartest way possible.” 

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