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🏆100+ Profitable Micro Niche Finder for Blogging [#6 Tips]

best profitable micro niche finder for blogging

Want to start a blog but not sure about selecting a perfect niche?

You do research for picking a perfect niche before launching your blog so that you don’t get a stuck ahead for ranking or profit issues. Right?

It is one of the most important and decisive parts to start a blog, many people missed in hurry.

Inside this guide, I will let you cover with 100+ profitable micro niche finder tips to start blogging on. Apart from this, I included 6 important micro niche hacks. Exciting, isn’t?

Getting the right niche takes time in the beginning but saves you from deep water.

So, let’s walk on the article to get the best profitable niche for blogging.

How 6 Hacks Help In Finding Best Profitable Micro Niche?

Beginner’s Questions:

If your blogging’s Niche isn’t fixed, How will you focus on your content?

One of the beginner’s questions is How to find the best niche that profits in 4 figure or more?

Let me tell you what is blogging niche?

“In short, The Topic You Choose to Write on Your Blog is Your Blogging’s Niche”

For Example, BloggingDesire is a blog writes about Proven Strategies of Blogging, SEO, Online Money Marketing. 

Through This Exclusive Post, I Tried to Cover All The Parts of Niche Blogging You Must know being a blogger.

Let’s get started to find out a lucrative, smart and profitable niche for your blog.

#Why do Niche Blogging?

One old phrase you might have heard – Jack Of All Trades, Master of None.

Nobody can be knowledgeable about everything because We Are Humans Not a Robot Machine. Right?

So, Starting a blog and write on a particular topic is indeed the best option rather than writing multiple topic on your blog. The first one is easy and highly effective. 

On the contrary, If you write for multiple topic, it’s a herculean task. You find it tremendously hard to manage post scheduling on various topic, particularly if you are single person to run it.

Blog about multiple niche is also takes longer time in ranking and growth.

So, Always choose a single niche to start blogging. It is recommended for Better SEO. 

Let me tell you Single Niche Blogging’s Importance,

#Importance of Niche Blogging:

Some factors you should take a look at.

⭐Target Audience – Blogging in a particular niche give you a set of faithful Audience who are looking for a specific information on an authentic website.

Answering their questions properly through your blog can build loyal audience. They will keep coming back for more.

If the truth be told, A segment of targeted audience gives niche bloggers much response as compared to the case of general blogging.

⭐Recognized as Expert/Guru – Running a specific niche blog give you a successful name soon and people start recognizes you an expert in that particular field. 

You will be mentioned and featured by them for your detailed knowledge and actionable tips. Also feel good & easier in communicating with readers. 

⭐High Profit – This type of blogging can make your earning skyrocket.

 A blogger can easily convert site traffic into money in case of niche blogging through a loyal readership.

⭐Better for Search Results and SEO – SEO loves niche blogging because they are particularized and thoroughly elaborated. 

Search Engines prefer to show the things that be the most helpful article related what you search.

⭐Save Your Precious Time – Niche blogging takes lesser time to establish & grow than general blogging. You can do some extra creativity in your remaining time.

⭐Stay Focused –  In niche blogging, you do not need to brainstorm for picking a new topic every day. So, If your niche is single, you will remain focused on your content.

Remember! >> For the best profitable niche for blogging mainly look for two things e.g. High volume & Low Competition

Best Profitable Niche Hacks for Blogging - Outlines

1. Pick a Topic that Follow Your Passion

This is our 1st and crucial point about niche hacks.

Every person has some artistic skills in them. You also have something special in you. You just need to Explore it globally with your blog. And trust me it is not as hard as people think of it.

My friend, Passion is what that never let you tired, You will never bored of it. It becomes a creative part of life that you love to do even nobody pay you for this. Follow passion is a feeling of relief.

How will you select the best idea for your niche?

One wonderful and efficient way to find out the best niche for your blog is to – Take a Paper, Write down 10 topics most relevant to you.

It may be Football, Guitar, Gym, Photography, Traveling, etc. that follow your Passion. A moment later, rate it accordingly your interest. 

When you will have selected up to 10 topics, raise some imperative questions,

  • What skills do you have that you are confident about? 
  • Are you Knowledgeable about the topic?
  • Can you Write and Explain this topic on your blog? 
  • Could you realizing that you be the Master of this topic? 

It helps in listing all art hidden in you.

Also it builds your commitment and determination.

And finally, after going through these questions, You will able to pick the best topic for you to start a blog.

2. Make Sure The Niche Is Profitable

Hack number two must follows your expected height of income.

You are going to invest your time, efforts, and energy so it must be a fruitful niche.

Ask yourself,

  • Can I make tons of money from this niche?
  • Are other bloggers of this niche making money?

According to Forbes, there are 25 ways to make money from your blog.

Check Affiliate Programs for your Niche

The most popular formula of making money is through an affiliate network.

Affiliate marketing is an action of promoting a company’s products or services to other people. After each sale made by your promotion, you get a piece of commission by the company.

This is what that surplus your earning

Amazon Affiliates, Click Bank, ShareASale, CJ Affiliates, Max Bounty are some high paying affiliate networks

Here’s the detailed chapter on Affiliate Programs. 

3. Do Keywords Investigation

Number three of niche hacks is key to rank according to the algorithm and recommendations of search engine optimization.

Doing research is always been helpful. 

You know the competition is tough and challenging. 

You must be smart in order to rise from the crowd. Are you getting my point?

Here’re certain useful tools that helps you to scan your keywords and check competition analysis on the basis of Volume, CPC, Competition, Keyword Difficulty with Categories-wise and Location-wise.

Google Keyword Planer –  This is absolutely free tool by Google. 

google keyword planner tool

Ahrefs – Ahrefs is one of the leading keyword researcher. Ahrefs provides many features that not only helps you in ranking your website via actionable keyword putting but also give you the analysis of your competitor’s ranking data. It is not free like Google Planner. You can use its trail at $7 only. The best….best alternative of Ahrefs is SEMrush.

ahrefs keyword generator tool

Google Trends – Google Trends is another free tool that show you data with comparison in graphical order. 

Google Trends Keyword tool

These tools are trusted by millions. 

4. General v/s Niche Blogging

The part four of niche hacks tells you the basic difference of niche types. 

It is to make you very specific.

General Blogging: When you blog on several topics on the same website. It is called general blogging. This Type is highly competitive and not recommended for beginners.

For Instance, A general grocery shop, general electronic shop.

Niche Blogging: When you blog on a very specific topic, It is called niche blogging. This types of blogging is recommended for SEO and fast ranking because of low competition.

For Instance, A Rice shop, mercury light shop.

I’ll personally advice you to go with niche blogging.

Now, jump to the next step.

5. See The Niche's Future

The number five is for visionaries who can observe far sight of their blog.

A lot of blogs down because they become obsolete. 

Selecting a temporary based niche will have no future. Because it is not search by people later and so the website without visitors is consider as not exist.

Let me clarify how,

Suppose, a person build a website like, this is called temporary niche website that only gets temporary traffic and income. I don’t suggest you to do a temporary niche blogging.

Instead of this, you can make a long term potential niche website that keep visitors engaged.

So, make sure your website’s niche has a good future.

6. Answer These Questions Before

The last but not least point of niche hacks is really important.

The most necessary thing of starting a blog that you must be mentally & physically ready. It means nothing should left which confuses you while your working or progressing.

  • Are You Enough Interested In Your Blog Niche?
  • Could you write 50+ post related to the topic on your blog?
  •  Any type of blog takes a considerable amount of energy to maintain
  • How many people are searching for that niche?

Get Bonus Tips

 Note 1: Never select a topic that you don’t interested in.

Note 2: A topic that has High Volume and Low Competition is always have more chances of rank easily. Don’t touch high competition, if moderate then go with sub niche.

Note 3: For a best niche, must align it with your Passion, Knowledge, Money Profits and Its Future.

Note 4: Select ‘Niche Blogging’ and start.

niche of passion and profit

100+ Best Profitable Micro Niche Finder for Beginners

Here’s a sample of ideas befitting to best micro niche for blogging. People, who search ‘micro niche finder‘ on google, should have this micro niche list. 

Common guys, here it is, find your favorite niche and tell me in message box.

(A). LifeStyle – Everybody knows it is an evergreen niche because almost every person searches about this to bring improvements in their lifestyle. 

  • Trendy Fashion
  • Outfits
  • Beauty tips 
  • Lifestyle accessories 
  • Pet fashion 
  • Hairstyle tips 
  • Man Fashion

In this category, I recommend you to opt for a very specific niche such as Hair Shampoo, wedding wearing, etc.

(B). Financial Development – This is a huge demanding & profitable niche.

Not all persons can afford a financial adviser so if you are interested in it, you can become a global expert by giving your audience the right information that could increase their savings and money growth.

Also, break on how to do investments in stock markets with the business mindset. Some other ideas are – 

  • Funding 
  • Marketing Tips 
  • Debt issues
  • Make money tips

(C). Technology – All knows, this is a huge money industry.

  • Products reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Best ten 
  • Tech news 
  • Robotics 
  • Coding & Programming 
  • Computer Speakers 
  • Smart & cool devices  
  • New Launches 

Through Google ads and affiliates programs like amazon, people can easily generate an impressive revenue in this niche.  

Also, consider hot topics like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency people want to learn about these days.

(D). Health – It is well said ‘Health Is Wealth‘. It never dies industry. 

If our health is not good we do not like things to do.

you can easily make money from this niche through ads and affiliates seeing its huge customer response.

Some instances are 

  • Weight Gain & Loose Best tips
  • Home Remedy 
  • Body functions 
  • Alternative therapies 
  • Mental health & relaxation 

(E). Building Websites – You can build a website to write your experience on 

 Always guide them in the best possible way.

(F). Career Guidance –  Students often looking for the right courses & their scopes to achieve success in their dream or to become what they want. 

You can share thoroughly detailed articles regarding this for each level of students for each course. 

(G). Cooking Tips –  If you love to cook then it is really fun to work on this niche.

You can share different recipe tips with your readers all over the world. Prefer to choose extreme specific topics like 

  • Local restaurant 
  • Food review 
  • Milk made cooking
  • VEG special recipes, etc.

(H). Traveling – Starting a travel blog is a sound choice. 

Anyone can find a bunch of high paying affiliate networks in the traveling niche.

Satisfy readers with good content so that your readers will increase your profits. 

Some of the examples are – 

  • Best places country wise 
  • Travel backpacking 
  • Romantic places for Honeymooners
  • Travel with pet guides 
  • Weekend tips.
  • Best hotels & advice (country-wise)

(I). Online courses –  Many websites provide courses like

  • Mass communication skills
  • Coding
  • Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Machine learning
  • Personality development & a lot more. 

You can offer various courses free or charged on your learning website.

(J). Consultancy – You can start consult marketing as it has a high ratio of search. 

For this specific niche, you will need a team of scholars in the respective fields so that you could give your customers a satisfying service.

Consultant for a second career, millennial marketing, office designs, etc.

(K). Photography –  Photography is an art as well as an extremely exciting niche. 

You must have a nice camera for clicking photos that you can sell it on your blog.

If people like your photos they buy. Many people do this on several websites. You can also earn through camera affiliates. 

Some Instances for this niche –

  • 360 degrees and microphotography
  • Photography tips & guides 
  • Photography for dogs, foods, streets, nature, newborn, culture, fashion, etc.
  • Own life photographs 

(L). Product Review –  There are lots of things to review: books, brands, Electronic Accessories, Vehicles, services. 

Nowadays, people prefer to view online reviews & ratings to compare with similar things before going to buy. 

So, you can help them in choosing the right products.

(M). Body Building Tips –  It is one of the best laudable ideas.

A large number of people research to know about muscle building tips to bring improvements in their personality. 

youths are, you know, crazy about gymnastics in the 21st century. 

It is also a profitable niche where you earn in Dollars. You can be a body trainer.

e.g; Gym diets & supplements, Body transformation tips.

(N). Fishing – Fishing is not general but it is the passion of a large number of people on this planet. 

They make fishing plans for their weekend or holidays. 

Sharing a set of working tips for fishing will work great.

This niche can not contain more posts so you can use it for making a micro-niche blog. It is certainly a good option for that.

(O). Parenting – Get profits through various affiliate sales if your visitors buy via going your link to the official website. Baby care, growth, food, toys, apparel products are in some cases.

Know its detailed Market research & demand on Niche Hacks

(P). Yoga – Many people around the world are interested in yoga/ meditation but they don’t know its proper way to do.

 So, starting a blog based on yoga would be an awesome decision.

  • Important FAQs about Yoga
  • Health & disease benefits by doing Yoga
  • Indian & traditional Yoga

(Q). Foods & Diets – Everyone likes to taste varieties of foods and search for it on the web. If you are one of them and have well interest in it then this niche is for you.

Veg diets, weight gaining foods, Calorie specific diet plans and more.

(R). Liquor – Once, one of my teachers said in the classroom that ‘Variety is the spice of life’. 

I just not tell this to relate with liquor but trying to tell you the truth.

Liquor or wine is, you know, very demanding across the world.

Many people are amateurs for wines. They love to taste different kinds of this. 

So, you can make a wine blog to add varieties with its price for knowledge and can earn through ads. Be honest, to tell your audience regarding the health advantage and health harms by taking them

(S). Relationship Advice – Every man or woman wants to live with a strong and loyal relationship with their spouse or partner.

You can psychologically or philosophically help them to convert the complicated relationship to a happy bonding by giving influenceable advice.  

A few examples – 

  • Pleasing Marriage life
  • Making relations happy
  • Proposing girl/boy tips for more match. 

YES!, because boys get confused on how to do it properly to win the heart of his dream girl and vice versa. 

Yes, or No, Do let me know in the comment section. HAHA!

(T). Dating Guide – No doubt, It’s a dating decade.

People love to go for dates with their partners to understand each other closely.

 If you are interested in this, just explore your knowledge. e.g;

  • DOs & DON’Ts while dating partners
  • Arrangement tips
  • Dating consultant

(U). Gaming – Many people or kids stay crazy to play PC games.

You can make a blog on the latest PC games honest review and classify games for different genres. 

Start with the new release because old games information is already stored in Google search.

(V). Home Decoration – Telling about the interior and exterior looks of a home is one that people always appreciate and admire.

Everyone loves their home and want to make it more lively by decorating and cleaning them.

Here, you can suggest the world class tips for house decorations as

  • Best home accessories
  • home interior designs & maps with ideas
  • Self consultant services
  • home outplace designs
  • Garden & garage
  • wall paints, clock, etc.
  • Kitchen stuffs
  • home security

(W). Social Media Marketing Tips – Every people know about Facebook, Instagram, Email marketing, Pinterest, YouTube Shorts.

But they do not know that even they can also earn huge money from there with the right marketing strategies.

It’s going to be an extremely helpful niche that people search everyday on Google and so have high volume.

(X). Pets –  There are more than 180 million dogs and cats in the U.S. alone. 

You can think of how much it can gain traffic. 

This is one of the high volume niches where you find low competition. You can make a blog that tells about Dog training, Arabian cats.

(Y). Old Age Care Tips – Every person should look after their parents at old age. Particularly, in the age of relief. 

This is really a unique and appreciating niche through which you can share all things like Exercise Tips, kinds of stuff, Milk Drinks, Tour places, etc. for the better Health of parents after 50+ age.

(Z). Artificial Intelligence – The world of A.I. has come.

A great number of people are curious & excited to know about what is artificial intelligence? how does it work? 

Especially it is a subject of discussion students do among them.

It’s done.

Congratulations! What's Next?

I Think, You have covered the best list of profitable micro niche hacks & ideas to start money blogging.

And now, can take a right decision to select a best blog niche for yourself.

If you get any confusion while reading this guide, just comment or express your opinion below.

And don’t forget to tell me below which niche you selected. 

Do your best, show your creativity, I wish you All The Best for Your Success!

Leave your comment, I would love to read them.

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