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11 Important Web Hosting Features To Consider – (Buy the Best)

Making a decision of buying the best host for your website can be tough for the first time.

It’s a fact that not all web hosting company is right for different types of customer.

So, how will you choose the best hosting for your business?

This time, I come with a Detailed Guide that can really help you to figure out what things to be considered before buying web hosting and what suits your needs.

Firstly, you need to arise some questions –

Secondly, You need to understand the work & importance of factors that come with hosting service. You tick out the important features that suit your requirements. We discuss it below in details

Thirdly, what kind of hosting you will go with? – Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

Lastly, Which web hosting company is the best choice for you?

11 Important Web Hosting Features - You Mustn't Ignore

So, Let’s Get Started!

Take a close look at these 11 necessary factors.

Table of Contents

1. Uptime Commitment Record

Nowadays, Almost every Hosting Company provides 99.9% Uptime Speed with a guarantee. So, If you will find downtime on your website, you can claim so that you will be compensated.

Understand & calculate the downtime by uptime percentage of your host. According to HostingManual, See how they convert downtime for 30 days:

  • 99% uptime equals 7 hours and 12 minutes downtime in 30 days
  • 99.9% uptime will have as less downtime as 43 minutes and 12 seconds that is 0.1%.
  • 99.99% uptime will have as less downtime as 4 minutes and 19 seconds
  • 99.999% uptime will have as less downtime as 26 seconds.
Hence, try to opt for the best uptime provider hosting.

2. Blazing Server Speed

Speed is Everything! 

You started a business on your website with full efforts and dedication but it works slow and rank low in search engine. Also, increases the Bounce rate which negatively affects for your website. Let’s see the fact.

Web hosting features to consider

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors go back from your site instantly.

Google recommends response time under 200ms.

According to bitcatcha, the world’s fastest speed web hosting in 2020 are:

If your domain is already hosted, You can also check – How fast is your hosting?

A hosting company may has several data-center globally. It is recommended to choose the location nearest to you. BUT You can also pick other location if your website niche is good to target and get traffic from there.

Speed is a ranking factor, The fast the server, the more traffic and conversion your website will get. So, I suggested you this point to go through and find your best.

3. Reliable Customer Support

Suppose you had hosted your website with 3 years plan activated, Everything is running smooth but in the duration, there occur some unknown issues resulting the website start goes down that is not good for you and your website or blog, What will you do then? 

 That time you will need fast and brilliant customer support by your hosting provider to resolve your problems quickly.

So, Make sure you select a reputed hosting so that support should immediately be done by providing the best solution possible in less time by hosting support team via Emails, Phone calls or Live Chat 24/7 service.

Your experience can be pleasant selecting a responsive host.

4. First Time Pricing V/S Renewal Price

The first thing most of the people look for while searching any hosting is Pricing, Although it should not be a deciding factor. Take a closer look at the features that each host provides, and then Compare Price.

As a Customer, your first priority be to buy the best thing in good deal. 

You see Hosting companies tag low price at first time purchase but also add high renewal price that cost to you when your 1 or 3 years plan end. Many people don’t pay attention to it.

 So also consider this point for your domain. I’ll suggest you buy 3 years plan that will be cheaper, advantageous, and more enjoyable.

Note – A few Hosting Providers put many Add Ons in at the time of billing which may useless for you. If so, untick them and purchase at best deal.

5. Free Add On Domain Registration

Everyone loves freebies, and It’s a human factor. Isn’t it?

Buying both hosting and domain at the same time may look costlier for beginners.

So, Considering for Beginners, Many host providers offer free domain registration for one year to them. Some of them only offer it in special sales

 Particularly, I wanted this exclusive offer when I was at the door of blogosphere, when I was a complete beginner and have no enough money to invest even in necessary things like Pro Themes and services.

DON’T WORRY!, Every person has to see difficult time at start.But you can make it happens for just short period of time by improving and developing shine in your work and yourself

Let’s jump into the next point.


6. Important & Necessary Features

I’ve seen few newbies fall towards the Price factor and not value the importance of other features that may be crucial to hold a website business in future.

Before investing your money, make sure you check the Bandwidth limit, SSDs or HDDs storage limit ( some host provides unlimited bandwidth & storage), RAM, Processing Power, Database, etc to serve all needs.

Unlimited Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred beween Hosting’s server and Visitor’s device.

Some plans are restricted by an amount of visitors per month. If the website crosses the limit, host provider will charged.

So, Remember – Always pick unlimited/Unmetered Bandwidth.This ensures that your website will not be affected by a tons of visitors and will not be charged extra.

Let’s presume that You are enjoying unlimited bandwidth and your website’s content goes viral and you are getting millions of traffic then your website will not be caused by Downtime problem.

Unlimited Storage: Storage, you know, is very important. With this, you can upload limitless images and media on your websites without any worry. This is exceedingly useful for large websites, Photography blogs.

Some of the host providers give SSDs storage which perform better than HDDs storage.

RAM: Ram is the memory that is responsible for holding data for running processes temporarily.

If you’re a beginner, you will enjoy with the stock amount of RAM. But, If Your site get a huge traffic then it’s be better to upgrade your RAM or choose a higher plan that offers more.

Processing Power: As You know, The processor adds qualities & improves site performance and maintanence.

If you have a large, or excess traffic site, We recommend you to choose a hosting plan with higher CPU as included in VPS or Dedicated hosting plan. But If you are just beginning, Shared Hosting is, no doubt, BEST for you.

Site Migration: Suppose you are a customer of certain hosting and you want to transfer your website on new hosting, The host provider charge you for it. But Some of them offer Free Site Migration service to their customers. 

Unlimited Domain Hosting Plan: I suggest you to go with unlimited website support plan. It helps you in hosting as many website as you can host. This can be Extremely useful for Businessmen Or Entreprenuer who Run many official websites simultaneously.

7. SSL Security & Backups

SSL Security: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that governs the encrypted connection between server and web browser. i,e, your website to the visitors.

SSL certificates are quickly becoming a necessity.

If your website uses SSL, there displays an icon of a green padlock on the address bar for users to see & feel safety. Also to Inspires customer’s trust.

This Ensures visitors that their information for example passwords or credit card numbers will be secured and private. 

When SSL is activated, website URL will convert from HTTP to HTTPS.

So, you’ll need to have SSL on your website, check whether the hosting provider offer SSL Certificate security free with the package or on additional charge.

Backups: This Will give you a strong assurance that your data is protected and have kept safe so that you can recover your data anytime you want.

Your data is most valuable part of your business. So it’s necessary to keep its backup for no future problems.

Hosting plan comes with Daily backups, Weekly backups and No backups from high to less.

 I’ll recommend for high plan, see it deeply – it looks cheaper. You have not to pay any additional money for any features. It includes your all needs and you are not going to buy hosting again & quickly.

8. Scalability

Knowing the scalability of your web hosting is one of the most considering factors. Scalability here means growing favor. 

Does the host provide VPS, Dedicated or Cloud hosting plans?

just suppose, What you think enough hosting for you might not be the same two years later. You’ll be getting popular,  Your abilities will grow with your business and then you would need to move for powerful hosting plans with no any loss of your running website. The reasons might be for increasing website monthly traffic, More Storage for the site, RAM, etc. 

That time your hosting provider must have the service in order to migrate the current account from one host to another and upgrade easily. For example: Transferring from Shared hosting to VPS hosting.

Thus, we mentioned it on the list so that you also aware of this. 

9. Ratings & Reviews

How will you believe about the hosting company you never used? How will you rely on it?

One Great way is to read its reviews by third party or take advice from Experts.

People rate to share their good or bad experience with the hosting provider. You will know about its pros and cons and many suggestions.

Trust me, It helps people in making the right choice.

10. Money-Back Refund Policy

Many of the leading hosting companies offer money-back guarantee policy  that you must check before buying web hosting.

Some of the best hosting compaines providing money refund policy.

  • A2 Hosting: Full refund within 30-days and a prorated refund for your unused service after 30-days( Anytime),
  • SiteGround: 30 days money back guarantee,
  • Hostinger: 30 days,
  • HostGator: 45 days,
  • InMotion Hosting: 90 days.

11. Check Discounts

I think, after the analysis of this Complete Guide, you can select the best web hosting for you. Make sure you choose the plan which support Unlimited Websites and the above features as per your needs.

Check the special discounts for blogging desire readers.

Final Words

You are ready to fly in Blogging Atmosphere. I wish you all the very best for your Startup.

Have any queries, Don’t hesitate to contact me.

One Tiny Request, If you found this Guide Knowledgeable, Useful & worth Reading, 

Share It to let me Help More People by you.💗

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