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17 Blogging Mistakes That Can Kill Your Blog [Must Avoid]

“Mistakes are proof that you are trying”.

Being a blogger, it is common to do mistakes at the initial time for beginners.

But sometimes, your mistakes may be turned out to be blunders or terrible ones.

So, here I included 17 most common blogging mistakes that you should never make and repeat.

Make sure you read this blogging guide thoroughly to know that you’re doing things right.

Let’s dive in!

Outlines - Most Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogging Mistake #1: Create Unprofessional Domain Name

Yes, You read right!

Let me give you few examples;


Don’t be silly to register any of these types of domain names. So, avoid the domain names that 

  •  Are too long in characters.
  • Are difficult to read and remember.
  • Includes special characters or hyphen.
  • Contain numbers.
  • Not represents your blog theme.
  • Includes free extensions like ‘’,  ‘’ or unusual term such as;

They really look unprofessional as well as chances are very low to get ranked or get quality backlinks.

So, make sure to register your domain name with the most recognized Top Level Domain name i.e .com (Only .com extension).

Blogging Mistake #2: Not Having a Powerful and Fast Web Hosting


Read Correct!

There’re lots of hosting providers in the market but not all are same.

And it makes a difference in blogging experience in various ways e.g;

  • Slow loading speed
  • No daily backups
  • No instant customer support
  • Poor security
  • Lack of important features
That’s why you should always choose a powerful and reliable hosting like Bluehost, Hostinger and A2 hostings.

Blogging Mistake #3: Using Duplicate Content

Copying the wrong things means;

Duplicate content – this strategy will not work indeed. Beginners copy and paste the content of their competitor thinking of fast rank in SERP but Google don’t rank those site for doing plagiarism.

In some case, Google might disapprove your adsense account.

There is no need for duplicate content. If you find difficulty in writing blog post. Here’re some points that help beginner bloggers.

Point #1: If you get blank over any topic, you can read other blogs, competitors blog. You can learn many things from there like knowledge, blog design, writing style etc. 

You can search your topic on Google and read the top 10 blogs and then try to write in your own words for your new blog post.

Point #2: Make sure to check plagiarism score on duplichecker free tool.

Blogging Mistake #4: No Rules for Backlinks Creation

Do you know the real importance of backlink creation?

Here’re some terms you need to know for backlinking.

  • domain authority or domain rating
  • page authority or page rating
  • link types (dofollow, nofollow, gov, edu, org, internal & external, etc)
  • link disavowing

Talking simply, google promotes high DA (domain authority) websites in SERP because it represents website’s trust score, value and domain age. It is measured on a series of factors. Know here.

Backlinking comes under off-page SEO.

You can do backlinking or increase your domain authority by the following ways.

  1. HARO method (Help A Reporter Out)
  2. High Quality Content
  3. Submitting guest blogging
  4. Infographics
  5. Blog Commenting
  6. Contact other bloggers via emails
Check your website’s DA on most calculated platform like Moz.

Blogging Mistake #5: Ignore Social Media Advantage

Everyone knows the power and importance of social media.

How can a serious blogger avoid this? No!

‘Definitely not’.

Social media platforms are mass gathering where you can bring server-crushing traffic that not only able to boost your website but also you will be known for your work.

Places like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are the tools that really help you to reach your right audience.

“After posting each blog post, share it on different social media networks.”

Once audience found them and the content is really for them then you will going to have a list of loyal audience who self promote your website. 

Social media have changed many lives. Why you run behind?

Blogging Mistake #6: Poor Content for Blog

Nobody likes to spend time on reading a poor quality content. Right?

Because content is the king and if you have strong content, no doubt, you get real and loyal audience. 

However, a large number of bloggers really don’t care about searchable content  as creating a good and unique content takes time. 

So, make sure you write nicely on the searchable keyword that must have high volume and low competition. This way your blog rank in the fastest way.   

Blogging Mistake #7: Not Doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

blogging mistakes

No SEO means supreme difficulty in ranking  site.

Point #1 – No right keywords –  Not using right keyword means you are writing for nobody. People on the internet gets your blog post or site due to proper SEO and keywords.

Make sure you add high volume and low competitive keyword that brings more clicks on your site.

Point #2 – Permalink Modify – Don’t delete or change blog post permalink. If it done, various links will break and your page will lose all backlinks assosiated to the post URL.

Point #3 – No image optimization – Image optimization is one the crucial part of SEO. Also it keep your page smooth and fast to run or load for your visitors. 

You can optimize your images with  shortpixel WordPress plugin. This plugin automatically optimizes all your media images. 

However, you can also use online image compressor tool for free.

Point #4 – No site audit – I may sound strange but many bloggers don’t even know about this phenomenon.

This is to see what’s running on your website through its analytics. i.e. backlink overview, SEO improvement, site health, site performance, link, organic traffic, organic keywords. 

I would recommend you to do site audit every week on semrush or ahrefs.

Point #5 – Outdated content – Tell me, do you want to read outdated content?  Yes or No!

It is obviously No. 

So, keep updating your blog post because both Google and audience like fresh content.

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Blogging Mistake #8: Improper Blog Design

It mainly depend on your blog theme and layout.

Remember: Bad design can increase bounce rate of site which is bad sign for search engine optimization.

I use Astra theme for and it been a wonderful experience with this theme because it is an seo-friendly theme and;

  • lite in size (less than 50kb).
  • fast page loads.
  • built for best speed and performance.
  • page builder integration
  • white label 
  • typography
  • custom layouts
  • page headers
  • transparent header
  • scroll to top
  • developer friendly and more.
As per my experience, this is the best theme for WordPress and it can build any type of website.

Blogging Mistake #9: Distance From Community

Do you ever feel to go beyond only writing articles?

If yes, I support you from here because blogging is more than this.

Building or having a community give you lots of loyal audience where you can interact with them and this will enhance your social proof.

Also, you have a community belongs to you and your subscribers.

This can be so helpful for bloggers in such a way – (benefits):

  • community sends loyal traffic on your site.
  • community respond in your QnAs.
  • community shows trust of many.
  • community increase your page views & shares.
  • community build a good bond with audience.
  • community becomes a suitable home for many bloggers to discuss.
  • community proves helpful on sharing & learning principle
Genuinely, it takes a bit more time to grow but proved very fruitful afterwards.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Be ready to launch your brand community.

Blogging Mistake #10: Ignore Branding

Brand sound professionalism!

Don’t be just a blogger, be a brand. It comes from uniqueness and values you give to your audience.

Do you think about having your own brand?

BRAND means trust, authority, quality and consistency.

Through the process, it leads credibility, audience loyalty and a popular face of its name.

In fact, Developing a brand for your blog is like being recognized for work style.

Some tips that you should keep in mind:

  1. create a brand-like logo.
  2. be unique in your blog layout (I recommend WP Astra theme).
  3. write high quality, value packed and genuine post consistently.
  4. use a good font (don’t use many).
  5. use your blog name keyword like brand (hashtags on social media).
  6. build community and also join other ones in your niche.

So, start doing blogging like a brand and make it more worthy.

Blogging Mistake #11: Short Length Content

SEO recommends long-form content. 

You can find many bloggers who read very short length content but it has several disadvantages. 

  • It increases bounce rate of the website.
  • It decreases the engagement of blog.
  • Short post is not much detailed.

Also, short blog post has low chances of ranking as compared to the long blog articles.

Let’s see the data comes from Buzzsumo survey.

write a shareable blog post

So, try to write your blog post in at least 1500 words or more. 

What’s next?

Blogging Mistake #12: Irregular Blogging

Consistency is the key to success.

Yes, any field of work or passion needs all is consistency or regularity. 

The main reason of happening this by beginners is doing many projects at a time and so they cannot give 100% to any work. 

It leads pressure of the left work. Must avoid it because it makes you very slow in the race. 

As routine varies individually, You have to make a proper strategy or plan itself to manage all your blogging work.

Still, I recommend you to follow a to-do list. chrome extension give you a great help here.

Blogging Mistake #13: Covers Multiple Topics

I find many bloggers who write on multiple topics and excuse on why their site don’t rank in search engine. 

Nowadays, a blog with multiple niche is extremely hard to rank and manage.

For multiple niche, you will need a team otherwise the pressure will be on peak to research and write multiple blog post for each category. 

On the contrary, if you follow single or even micro niche, It will be more focused and targeted in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

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Blogging Mistake #14: Not Know What Competitors Are Doing

This mistake acts as growing competition in your work.

Your blogging competitors = high domain authority blogs in your niche.

You, as a blogger, have to come with updated and trending content that users search on Google. 

Apart from this, your competitors can be helpful to you in getting collection of profitable and useful data like

  • low competitive keywords & content analysis
  • what strategy they use in their niche
  • how they convert visitors into subscribers
  • which posts is getting more views or ranked or shared mostly
  • Blog layout competitors use
  • read comments there to understand what audience respond 
  • and more.
Note: This is not to say to copy complete strategy of your competitors but to apply some of the noticeable point that can be good for your site growth (because copying doesn’t show uniqueness).
Secondly, you can be friendly with your competitors to strengthen one another community like Neil Patel and Brian Dean.

Blogging Mistake #15: Don't Use Email Widget

This is an insane blogging mistake. 

Your site must have email widget which convert your visitors into subscribers. And, this helps to create an organic and targeted email contacts that you can use to connect with audience for sending emails

  • About the latest or updated article
  • About the offers, plans, information, webinar, important news.
  • This is like community built from you.
  • And many more.
There’re many popular email service providers out there. 

 However, you can read  – 13 best email marketing companies that also gives free account. 

Blogging Mistake #16: Waste Time on Unnecessary Things

Stop wasting time.

Do you ever guess your efficient time when you sit to work on your blog?

It certainly not as much as you spend time there. This happens with lots of bloggers.

They work whole day but get normal outcomes.

This is because their lots of time waste on blog managements, social media, distractions and that leads to pressure of more work.

So, do one thing at a time and follow until it finish. It also develops your one-mind focus and work efficiency.  

Blogging Mistake #17: Not Doing Blog Commenting

This is like you live in the society where you don’t participate. 

Does it sound right??

Blog commenting has been proved to be one of the crucial way to engage with lots of other bloggers and community which come forward to help you in some ways. 

Also when you leave your comment on any website, lots of visitors read them. 

In case your words impress them, then they definitely visit your website too. And this process brings new visitors to your site.

It may looks simple, but sometimes it works great.

Do you want to know how to comment better on blogs?  

Bottom Line: Will You Promise to Not Do These Unhealthy Blogging Mistakes?

That’s good!

These are the most common and the biggest mistakes that every blogger go through in blogging journey.

So, better to avoid these blogging mistakes otherwise it will create restrictions in your way or work.

Leave you comment, I would love to read them.


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