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101+ Best Blogging Resources & Tools [Game-Changer]

Howdy Bloggers!

So…You would agree if I say only writing content isn’t enough in blogging. But how you share values, quality, knowledge, statistics, creativity in different aspects are matter more. 

Once visitors feel better about your blog and get authentic information, You get a true fan.

In short, Be the master of your field (here is blogging).

This 101+ blogging resources and tools list for you to sharp your art in blogging to be a recognizable blogger.

Let’s see one by one! 

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1. Creative Blog Writing Tools

This section includes a crucial list of blogging resources and tools that come in use for finding lucrative content ideas and mistakes-free impressive writing.

It helps to hold your visitor for a longer time.

grammarly - best blogging resources and tools

Grammarly – Grammarly is a must-have tool for those who want professional and creative writing without mistakes of spelling, punctuations, conciseness, or grammatical mistakes. 

The best part is This Is Free but you can join its paid subscription for the ultimate show of clear and confident communication. It will definitely enhance your reading engagement using an appreciative tone.

Plagiarism Checker – Google doesn’t like copied or duplicate content and ignore to rank as well. So, you must check your plagiarism score before publishing a blog article on a blog to be sure that would be free of copyright penalty. Just make sure your content is written in a unique way, valuable, engaging and human-proof.  

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer  – This is an awesome headline strength teller that shows the potential scores of your headlines in engagement, sentiments, emotional value, positive and negative sound and impression score. Just try it and check the real strength of the headlines you use. It is better to keep them above 65%.

CoSchedule Headlines – Create powerful headlines with CoSchedule. It will help you to make the headline balanced with clarity, sound, sentiments, skimmability with word counts. Using this blogging tool converts a proper level of catchy titles that earn more clicks. 

Quora – This is one of the biggest questions-answers platforms on which millions of audience gathers for their queries or bringing lots of traffic to a pointed place. e.g. website, YouTube, etc. Quora is the best platform for blogging resources for content ideas that people actually search to know.

AnswerThePublic – On this place, you can discover what people are asking about. e.g. travel, spirituality, or anything you want to search about. It will reveal to you enough list of content queries that can help you to write on.

Trust me, This is one of the best free tools on the internet. Simply, It gives you a lot of content ideas in one-view image.

answer the public keywrord - best blogging tools

2. Business Growth and Email Marketing

Do you want a mountainous rise in your business? 

Here’re the powerful blogging resources and tools to explore your marketing strategy successfully. This is used by a number of professionals.

best blogging resources and toolsconvert Kit

Convertkit – Amazing!! This is one of the best email marketing and business growth tool that makes your email list faster by converting traffic into subscribers. Every blogger uses any email tool but this is next level and easy to use. 

Mailerlite –  All-in-one email marketing tools available at budget-friendly pocket. Its rating is superb because of offering lots of features like email campaigns, automation, landing pages, pop-ups, etc.

ThriveLeads – Powerful plugin! more than an expected tool that converts leads by 238%. This is really what you need as a businessman or blogger. So I strongly recommend you to try this blogging tool for making email list faster than ever before.

ClickFunnel – The world’s most popular, beautiful, and best landing page builder for sales campaigns or funnel results in high conversion that you can earn even $5000/day. It depends on how you use it and promote it (Marketer’s best choice). 

Start a 14-day trial for FREE.

LeadPages –  Another but good & easy landing page creator for small businesses to turns clicks into customers. Use it to bring unlimited traffic and leads.

Buzzstream – It is a business growing software tool for digital PR, link builders, content promotions. World’s best marketers use this to speeding up their plans. (Try it free for 14 days).

3. Keyword Research Tools

Bloggers’ helpful tools

These blogging tools tell them the secrets of ranking in google and assist them visible in SERP which gives server-crushing traffic to your blog and so you get an unlimited audience and a sound amount of revenue.

Let’s check out the best blogging resources and tools for bringing traffic and finding money-making keyword research. 

best blogging resources and tools - semrush

SEMrush – SEMrush is  revolutionary marketing tool for professionals to work and grow smart. It is also called ‘all in one’ marketing tools. Using this, SEO, SEM, PPC,  keyword research analytics, content marketing, social media metrics are simple and easy job. Try SEMrush Free trail for 14 days (Right Now).

Ahrefs – Who doesn’t know about this extremely powerful SEO tool. Here the taps site explorer, keyword explorer, site audit, backlink profile, rank tracker, content explorer and lots more opportunities at one place. The best part is its institutive service for audience that is reason of its high reliability and ratings on the internet.

KWfinder – This keyword research tool by Mangools are absolutely helpful with simplest UI/UX. If you can’t afford SEMrush or Ahrefs, This is for you with 10 days free trial (you must try). It graphical and analytical data makes you job easy in finding the right keywords with low keyword difficulty. Mangools other tools are SERPchecker, LinkMiner, SiteProfiler.  It is loved by many including Brain Dean.

LongTailPro – What to say about this super-duper SEO-friendly keyword research tool. As name tells, it is specific for right and traffic bringing long-tail keywords that earn more audience and grow on SERP. Try this for filtering and finding new keywords opportunity to rank fast.

Ubersuggest – This is amazing blogging tool launched by NeilPatel which gives you many features at no cost e.g. domain overview, top ranking pages, keyword suggestions, content ideas,  backlink data etc. I would recommend every new bloggers to use it because it is free and enough for their initial start. 

Moz – Moz is a popular name for SEO and website development. You can use it to see the real and correct meter of website’s DA (domain authority), PA (page authority), spam score % that must be not high. 

CanIRank –  The SEO software that use AI rather than data to rank faster by taking specific actions. Try it for free. No credit cards required. 

LSI Graph – LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. These keywords are very much related or similar to your main focus keyword. Using these keywords can make an attention on google about ranking your content. 

4. Monetization Tools

best blogging tools for monetization


It’s extremely hard to keeping blogging on without any source of income. When you get paid for your consistent hard work, it is just an awesome feeling of relaxation. Agree?

So, this part is for blogging resources and tools for monetizing your website through various platforms that have been trustworthy and loyal worldwide. 

Google Adsense – This is the most popular website monetization tool by Google itself. Through this google will pay you money after getting clicks on advertisement they display on your website. – It is another reliable and quality advertising network with you can maximize revenue showing native ads, contextual ads, display ads, etc. 

Taboola – Killer!! Almost 600+ millions people visit this place per month. This makes it #1 discovery platform. The company will pay you higher but for quality traffic. 

Outbrain – Similar to Taboola. About 450m + people travel on this website. This works same as taboola as offering discovery and native advertising feeds. 

ClickBank – Global leading retailer and affiliate marketplace that has numerous products and services. On the internet, people are earning more than $1000/day with Clickbank. Its really simple process that you have to do in right way.

Maxbounty – Another gem!! Maxbounty is considered for professional or experts to promote offers with good strategies. Every registered member will get a manager there who will help you to generate sales and conversions. However, its approval process is a bit hard because they will first interview on skype or call. 

Shareasale – One of the oldest and trusted affiliate network online (Blogger’s choice). It has 211,000+ affiliate partners around the world. Here’s best offers are for hosting, SEO tools, and some crucial service promotion.

JVZoo – Easy alternative to Clickbank. Here’re 800,00+ active affiliates. You just need to contact vendors there to get their permission to promote offers. Every time you make a sale, your commission will be instantly deposit to your account. 

CPAlead – CPAlead is a private lead generation network specializing in CPA offers, PPC advertising, and CPI mobile app installs (best for beginners).

101+ Best Blogging Resources & Tools [Game-Changer] 1

5. Google's Tools Package


Well this blogging resources and tools part is specially for google’s free gifts.

Google Search Console – Supreme webmaster blogging tool that tells you helpful analytical reports on your site’s traffic and performance, fix issues, and enhance visibility in google search results. 

Google Analytics – Another gift! This will reveal your site’s complete data in a systematic way. e.g. audience based on geology, live users, traffic source, behavior,  conversions, etc. 

Keyword Planner – Are you not getting right keywords for better traffic of your site, this is another free blogging tool by google. It will show column-wise data of monthly volume, competition, considerable related queries, geolocation and lots more.

Google Trends – Let’s find out the trends running and in search. you can compare keywords with other one. Also, filter with county, time, categories, web search, etc.

Disavow link – This is managed by google to control or remove bad badlinks or spammy links. Whenever you find bad links while your site’s audit, copy that all in a txt. file and upload here to remove those links. It will keep your site safe and sound.

Google docs – It is free documents creating tool for writing, editing and collaborating.

Google sheet – Free online spreadsheet for personal use.

Google sites –  Free website builder by google.

Google’s key hints – It consists resources like ‘people also ask’ ‘related searches’  ‘people also search for’ ‘Q&A on google’ ‘advanced search‘.

Google auto suggest keywords - best blogging tools
google related search - blogging tools

6. Skill Growing Platforms

best blogging tools and resources - fiverr

Your skill can never deceit you (A true ability).

Everyone has several adventurous skills in teaching, building, servicing, or XYZ.

Although it is hidden until and unless you find it out and create a stronger new one.

So, if you’re a skilled person, you can earn a lot by sharing your creativity and knowledge with a ton of clients on these blogging resources and tools.

Fiverr – Cool freelancing market where you get lots of client that pay you reasonable amount when you done their work. Just go and create your account to explore your skills and full your wallet.

Freelancer – Skilled people can never be empty. they just make their strategy right and actionable. This is an alternative of Fiverr. Use it for hiring others or work as freelancer.

Teachable – As name hints, this is a wonderful platform to create and sell online course and business coaching worldwide. So, share your knowledge and earn for values you’ll provide.

Udemy – if you know some skills, you can be a good teacher. For this you need to create a course that sounds professional with videos and detailed info. That’s it.  

7. Tools to Grow Faster on Social Media

Blogging resources and tools for social media consistent growth because everyone knows the power and benefits of social media.

write a shareable blog post

BuzzSumo – It helps you in finding the best shared content based on domain or any specific keyword. How smart! Also collaborate with other influencers there.

Hootsuite – One of the most reliable and trusted social marketing & management dashboard. You’ll exactly get what you look for. So, light up your social profiles with it.

Buffer – Popular & powerful social media tool to get real human engagements. It makes your social media visibility much easier by promoting your brand’s story. You can track your data record of complete analytics. (14-day free).

Revive Old Posts – Keep your content alive to the world and gets a ton of new visitors everyday with the wonderful blogging resource revive old posts. It’s a social plugin that gives a boost with exceptional key features (fresh blogging resource).

8. Images/Videos Platforms (Visuals)

Here we deals the best and popular blogging resources and tools for killer visuals and graphics that would also be maintaining SEO recommendations

101+ Best Blogging Resources & Tools [Game-Changer] 2

Image Compressor – I strongly recommend you to put your image through this tool and upload an output image on the blog which is light in size but the same in quality. I use this for all images you will find on this blog (Also the above one).

Unsplash – It is a free copyright HD images platform that allows you to use for your content with permission. I too use this blogging tool whenever & wherever the need it.

Pixabay – It is another large image website that has a library of free copyright images for the content creators. Another best part is its free video library from where you can use lots of HD video clips for video making. e.g. for YouTube.

Canva – This is the most popular online free image editor where you can create logos, posters, thumbnails, infographics, covers for social media bios, and lots more creativity in a smooth and easiest way. (#Bloggers & Youtubers)

Pictochart –  Another free tool that is known for creating data-heavy content into a stunning report, presentation, infographic, social media graphic, etc. Just choose a template and replace it with what you want to add. Try it for your blog designs, infographics for making content high-level. 

Check out: How to write a blog post like pros (#Infographics)

Greenshot – a free light-weight screenshot software tool optimized for productivity. Using this, you can capture a screenshot of any region on the screen. Apart from this, you are free to annotate, highlight, obfuscate, etc.

Vimeo – Exceptional & the world’s leading tool for creating and hosting videos. (Video resource) – Try for 30 days. 

Creative Commons – It runs as a non-profit organization that provides a free license to legally use “some rights reserved” music, movies, images, and other content — all for free. You just need to get a permit to use it. That’s it.

9. Best Picked Chrome Extensions

There’re a number of extensions are available to accelerate your productivity in blogging. 

And believe me, you’ll love how it easily works!

I’ve  already listed the best and high rating blogging resources and tools i.e. powerful chrome extensions which I personally use and recommend every blogger to try. 

10. Basic Glossary For Blogging

Under this module, you’ll see the basic and fundamental blogging resources and tools that almost every blogger has or going through.

Walk slowly…!

Start a blog – The Step by Step Guide by Me (With Infographics).

Hosting – There’re lots of hosting companies in the industry but…..Are all reliable and right for your blog?

Always consider a powerful, supportive, faster and reputed hosting e.g. Bluehost, Cloudways and for pocket-friendly best hosting you can go with Hostinger.

Astra Theme – My favorite!! I’m using it for more than 1 year and its works smoothly. Also good for SEO for being light-weight in size and faster performance.

Elementor –  Killer!! World leading and popular WordPress website builder.  It works in the easiest way by drags and drops. Also includes lots of important features that make us feel love for Elementor (#freemium).

WP Rocket – No one wants their blog run slow that leave bad impression. So, this powerful caching plugin make load fast instantly by optimizing and compressing file.

Cloudflare – Content delivery network (CDN)!! It is CDN service that hosts your images and videos from your website to reduce the extra loads on website. Also, it quickly delivers data to your audience without wasting any loading time.

Webpushr – I  recently start using it and believe me it runs better than OneSignal plugin. It is type of tool which sends push notifications to your audience when you publish an article or update it (Useful).

Socialsnap – Best social media WordPress plugin. Get more shares & traffic to your value-packed content and so increase in engagement. This is important as everyone knows the power of social media.

11. Basic Glossary For Youtube Tools

Are you a YouTuber or future YouTuber?

Please keep in mind that it is the 2nd most used search engine in the world after google.

These best YouTube tools will always be helpful in the path of video marketing. 

VidIQ – VidIQ is a powerful tools that every creator needs access to if they want to build their audience on YouTube. As a content creator, you can do many things for the your channel e.g. auditing, score, recommended tags, actionable statistics and useful tips on getting more views to boost your YouTube channel.

YouTube audio library – Youtube itself gives you a library of free music, sound effects that you can select to put in your video’s background sound. There will be no copyright strike on your channel. So it is risk-free tool.

Filmora – One of the most professional video editing tool that has a list of surprising features to make your video unforgettable and leave a good editing mark. (#YouTuber’s choice).

Camtasia – Another similar master tool for video editing in an easy way to create. Make watchable videos with powerful Camtasia. 

YouTube Keyword Tool – This is the tool you can use to find out the best keyword for your YouTube videos or channel niche. It will reveal search volume, trends, competition and CPC. It also gives filter columns of questions, prepositions and hashtags.

YouTube Autocomplete – As bloggers look on google autocomplete, likewise youtubers should also look for ‘YouTube autocomplete’. This seen while typing on search bar and lots of suggestion show automatically.

best blogging tools and resources 2021

Everything is Clear?

Check more below.

12. Miscellaneous Tools

SERPlogic -This tool is to create ‘anchor text’ that helps you to put your links wherever necessary, especially in putting links in blog comments for backlinks.

Defination: (Anchor text) – Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink.

Click to tweet –  This is a free and easy way to promote, share and track content on twitter (easy-to-use blogging resource). – Novice people often passed too much time in clearing or removing background from an image to make it for other purposes. This tool removes background from any image within 1 click. So, it can be a time-saver tool for you if you ever need to do the same work. – This is a popular link shortening tool that creates short & clickable links when you paste a long URL at this place. Too good to make your link short, suspicious, and conversion-friendly.

GTmetrix – GTmetrix is a website’s( page’s) speed revealing tool that shows how fast your website/blog opens when visitors click on. The best part is showing many terminologies & reports with green signals to how good functioning and needs improvements if exists.

Also, show why the website is slow and discover opportunities to optimize them. So, to check your website, just enter your website’s url and click on ‘Test Your Site‘ for free.

Google’s page speed – This free tool is by google that shows your website’s page speed insights in just one click.

Pingdomone another trusted tool for measuring website speed geolocation-wise to analyze and find bottlenecks. It tells you more than you need to improve your site performance because no body likes a slow website. So, try it to know your site load time, page size, requests, etc.

Available: Free or 14-day trail for free

13. Guest Post Submission Sites

Guest blogging is when you write an article on other blog as a guest writer. If you don’t know about guest blogging – Read here.

In real, This helps you in exploring your knowledge, visibility and get lots of real audience.

Medium – Medium is the evergreen business guest post submission site where experts and undiscovered voice share their writing creativity with tons of monthly audience. This can give you a quality traffic to your targeted blog or YouTube channel for free. 

NOTE: You are advisable to write guest article that matches to your own blog’s niche. Because if you follow this, you will write better, leave a better impression and research deep on your niche. Also, you will be benefited to attached with a backlink. In short, It will also help you to get targeted traffic to boost real click performance. 

Don’t do: Avoid using spam or bad links else there’ll be less chances to get your article accepted.

BONUS: To find guest submission sites belongs to your blog niche, write this on google;  

  • Your Keyword “guest post”
  • Your Keyword “submit guest post”
  • Your Keyword “write for us”
  • Your Keyword “guest article”

14. Podcasting Tools Glossary

According to stats of The Infinite Dial 2020, Almost 75% of US people are familiar with the concept of podcasting and love to listen this while working on several tabs.

BuzzSprout – Best podcasts hosting considering everything into account. It is compatible with top directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Alexa, Stitcher. It has more than 100,000+ users who host, promotes and track their audios here. (Free for 90-day).

best blogging resources and tools 2021

Audacity – Best free, open source and cross platform audio software for Windows, MacOS, Linux. It is super easy-to-use audio editor that is built with a lot of professional features.

SpeakPipe – This tool  helps you to receive voice messages from your audience directly on your website. 

Conclusion - Blogging Resources & Tools

Well done Champ! ….Hoping you enjoyed while going through the values of the list. Well…..I tried to gather all best, important and fundamental tools under this guide.  

Have I missed something? If yes, please remind me in the comment below so that I can add them in the updated version. Also to share your response about this blogging resources and tools list. 

Sharing is like showering your love & support!

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