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Increase Blog Traffic Fastly by 357% (#23 PRO Tips)

Have your blog lost in the crowd? 

If you are a blog or website owner, You often type in search engines – How to Increase My blog’s organic traffic? Right?

Growth in Blog Traffic is extremely important.

It not only gives you a positive push but also helps you in reaching your real audience. 

I have listed 23 topics that certainly rise your website from the competition with an unexpected traffic result. I divided its feature for your quick catch.

I hope you are going to ❤️ each part of this guide – Increase  Blog Traffic.

Let’s Dive Right In.

23 Smart Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

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#1. Make Sure Your Website's Speed is Fast

Website Speed 98%

Speed is paramount in the ranking.

You must be knowing that – Slow speed can cause a rapid increment in the Bounce rate.

Fact: Your site’s speed is more dependent on the server and the plan(shared, VPS, cloud, Managed WP, dedicated) you are connected with.

Here are some online tools that measure your website’s speed with displaying data.

  1.  Google Page Speed Insights
  2.  GT Metrix
  3.  Bitcatcha (show server speed in a different location)
  • Nobody likes visiting on a slow website. On the other hand, A fast speed website is the audience’s choice.
  • Fast speed restricts the increasing bounce rate of a website.
  • Fast speed gets your blog ahead in SERP.

Factors that must be checked out for speeding a website.

Get Tip

  • 👉 Compress your image before uploading it on your blog or install image optimizer plugins like Smush for fast load and low resizing with the same quality.  Smush optimizes up to 50 images in one click. I have used both methods.
  • 👉 Use LiteSpeed Cache plugin to accelerate your site performance. It’s do all that you need.
Increase Blog Traffic Fastly by 357% (#23 PRO Tips) 1

#2. Be a Great Quality Content Producer

If you miss this, you will lose your audience.

This is the most important and essential part that you can not ignore otherwise it will do.

Becoming an authoritative content producer should be your high priority because the audience goes there where they can trust information or knowledge.

Let me guess what are you thinking!

You are thinking about how to be a creative blogger that produce high-quality content. Right?


So, here’s a set of things making blogger’s specializations.

  • Show them proofs of what are you telling. So they believe in your’s content.
  • Write a long and valuable post. I prefer to write longer posts that can answer my reader’s queries.
  • Blog Continuously with the latest information.
  • Giving Free Takeaways to help their audience.
  • Innovate in your blog and explore it.
  • Your blog should look different from your competitors.


  • You will be recognized as an expert in your field.
  • Google loves to rank quality content.
  • Great content gets high traffic (Direct, Organic, Referral, and Social).
  • It builds reader relationships. 
  • People appreciate your credibility.

Doing this, you will realize that your competition is not with all but only with few.

Remember – Content Is King In Blogosphere. Focused on it to increase blog traffic to the sky beating the competition.

#3. Construct Pillar Content

pillar content

Not every post is pillar post, as name hints it is the base post where certain posts are linked of your blog. 

For Example, On BloggingDesire, – Start A blog And Make Passive Source Of Income [Unrivaled Guide + Resources] is the pillar content which supports the other essential content.

This kind of content is detailed, actionable, well written, impressive and outstanding.

A number of amateur bloggers love to create pillar posts.


  • Makes the content easy for readers.
  • Distinguish your content from your competitors because very few  are willing to make it.
  • Increases engaging time on your blog.
  • Includes more internal and external links.

#4. Use Headlines That Capture Reader's Attention

title readibility from rank math seo

Here’s the proof of this blog post’s title readability.

Keep A few Points In Your Mind For Optimizing Headlines

  1. Use focus keyword likely at the very beginning part of your SEO Title.
  2. Add emotions (+ or ).
  3. Your Headline must contain Power Words to attract readers.
  4. Insert numbers in your title to gain 36%  clicks.

Completing a blog post takes Time and Energy in studying the topic we write on.

You put your efforts into it. Right?

And so you are willing to get more readers on each and every blog post to make it worthwhile.

If Your posts are ranking but they do not get as high clicks as it should be then, one thing is clear, You are not using proper headlines for your blog posts.

According to a survey, 8 out of 10 people only click a headline and skip the next moment. But It is the catchy title that attracts them to click and read the post.

Also, Post’s Introduction plays an important role in holding visitors to keep reading.

Take this on yourself. 

What types of headlines do you READ and CLICK?

The most recommended length of a blog post’s headline contains 11-14 words.


  • Optimized Headlines attract a crowd and consequently, huge traffic comes.
  • An appealing headline is a must for gaining traffic from social media networks. e,g; Facebook.

Get Tip

Here are some tools that help you in finding & creating a great headline for your posts;

  1.  CoSchedule’s Headlines Analyzer
  2.  Hubspot’s Blog Idea Tools
  3.  SEOpressor
  4.  TweakYourBiz
Don’t Forget to put focus keyword in your headlines.It must be Keyword Optimized.

#5. Generate High Quality Backlink Content

Building backlinks is one of the mandatory steps bloggers work on to see their website(s) go in the ranking.

A backlink creates when a page of a website or blog links to your blog page.

Brain Dean at Backlinko explains how to get sound quality backlinks. 


  •  It improves organic and referral traffic as well as sales.
  •  It builds brand authority and trust.
  •  Better for Page Rank in search engines.
You can check your blog’s backlinks on several platforms like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest.

Get Tip

  • 👉 Create Catchy Infographics To Gain Relevant Backlinks.
  • 👉 Write Guest Articles.
  • 👉 Be a genuine blogger to be mentioned your blog on other websites.
  • 👉 Backlinks also improve your website’s traffic.

#6. Use Long-Tail Keywords

competition quote

Competition is always a good thing that forces us to do our best from the rest.

Long-Tail Keywords make a difference in getting results in your content in the search list when put.

It is highly recommended to use.

With the help of using the right long-tail keywords, Your article will rank in the easiest way.


  • Long-Tail Keywords have High Volume and Low Competition. 
  • Higher Conversation Rates.
  • Great in even highly competitive niches. 

SEMrushSEMrush is a highly popular place for bloggers. You will find many life-changing features right here. 

It shows the complete analysis of your website as well as your competitor’s website with its top ranking keywords.

AhrefsWith Ahrefs, You can have an eye on Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Research, Content Research, Rank Tracking, Web Monitoring.

It has a global recognization for its great tools that help you to rank in the top in Search Engine Result Page. 

If your budget doesn’t allow you to invest or want free advantage – Ubersuggest, Latent Semantic Keywords (LSI), Google auto-suggest, and Google related results are awesome help at $0. 
Search for wanted questions on Q&A sites like Quora and

#7. Write Meta Description To Every Post

Meta Description has an equal importance in attracting visitors.

Blog post's meta description is a tiny description that you read in addition to headline for that individual website on Search Engine Results Page (SERP), used to increase Click Through Rates.

Some bloggers use difficult language in meta description that does not make a sense.

Stop Doing This!

Remember – Don’t hide the lead points to showing it to your visitors.

Instead Of This, Tell your audience what they will find inside the content.

And Compel them to click and land on your site by appealing values of the content in meta description with key steps (See below in Tips). 

A sound length of meta description is within 160 characters.

You will see almost every SEO plugin resist word limits under 155 or 160 characters with a sign of a green signal.


  •  Increases Click-Through Rates

Your meta description must contain the focus keyword for SEO to better results.

Writing a meta description is, undoubtedly, a good deal that bloggers should never miss to decorate it with a focus keyword. 

Get Tip

Writing a meta description is an On-Page SEO work, So never underestimate it. Pay attention to some key strategies for a brilliant meta description.
  • 👉 Avoid Using The Same Meta Description For Every Post And Page. Write it according to your content. Some newbie bloggers remain unaware of its importance and they mistakenly let a meta description used on every post or pages.
  • 👉 Use Targeted Keywords, preferably, at the beginning of the meta description. 
  • 👉 Add FAQ schema to show it in SERP.
  • 👉 The description must be exact and to the point (related to the content).
  • 👉 Give people a reason to click on by using powerful words to make language strong.
  • 👉 Tell them about the benefits and specifications.
  • 👉 It should be actionable (CTA).

 Get the detailed article of writing a great Meta Description.

#8. Use Internal Links

Think about this for a moment!

Internal hyperlinks help google understand pages on your blog and index it.

Using Internal Links results in getting the audience to more pages that grow average engaging time on your blog. This means that your other post will also be read by thousands of visitors.

AND this method raises page authority or page rank for your site. 

So, Internal linking is another important factor for ranking.

Get Tip

  • 👉 Prefer Using Anchor Text. ‘Anchor text is a clickable word that you used to link one web page to another’. 
  • 👉 Add related posts internal links in your blog post. This will help your readers more in understanding rather than putting any random internal link that creates no sense there.

#9. Add Visual Resourses in Blog Post

The more Proof you give to your users, the more they will be familiar with the information.

Never afraid of using resources such as data images, relevant videos in your blog posts.

Although, adding videos makes run a little bit slow your website but it is considered to add for a better understanding of your readers. 

As a blogger, you must give the best to satisfy them so you gain their support.

Adding media in a blog article creates great engagement on that page. If you use it strategically, The particular post will have more shares and satisfying comments that is a great return gift for any blogger. 

Get Tip

  • 👉 While using images, infographics, Make sure you compress it with no less quality. Use Smush Plugin or Online Image compressor for optimizing your images.

10. Use Sitelinks For Direct Traffic

Have you heard about sitelinks?

‘Sitelinks’ are the important additional links displays beneath the main URL of a website designed by Google to “help users navigate your site”.

You can easily understand looking into the image in which other site links appear in addition to the ‘Home’ page.

Increase Blog Traffic Fastly by 357% (#23 PRO Tips) 2

This works when people search for tying that particular website. 


  • Show higher link visibility on Search Engine Result Page.
  • Sitelinks increases Click-Through Rates (CTR). 
  • Promote Brand Awareness for your website.

#10. Fly On The Social Media Plane

Social media platforms are powerful tools that can give you the fruit of your hard work by getting a ton of traffic. You can’t just ignore it.

All know that The World is crazy for social media networks.

You must use social media strategies to grow up your blog(s).

blogging with social media

Facebook, the third most visited site after ‘google’ and ‘YouTube’ and the most favorite tool for business promotion.

See the comparison of growth in social media networks.  

Increase Blog Traffic Fastly by 357% (#23 PRO Tips) 3
source: Hootsuite

Make your brand’s group on Facebook to build a strong and quick responsive community. Build a good relationship with your audience and encourage them to step ahead in the future. 

I Welcome You To Join Our VIP Group On Facebook.

Get Tip

  • 👉 Use the ‘Click to tweet’ link in your post that can be shared in a click.
  • 👉 For everyday routine, Make a good time to be active on social media. This time you can have a conversation with your readers or students.  

#11. Answer Reader's Questions On Quora

Answering a question by giving a sense of satisfaction is extremely influenced.

The same people do on Quora – An question-answer website.

Quora is a highly used website across the World for search queries. It has an excellent ranking in most of the countries.

You can answer those question which you write on your blog. In this way, Much quality traffic comes on your blog. This is also a proven strategy. is the best alternative to Quora.

#12. Do Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is really an exploring method for any website and builds readership relations.

In short, Guest blogging is publishing a blog post on third-party websites to promote your personal branding or site. 

In fact, This is also an effort for better search engine optimization.

Have you ever found, Many of the websites offers for guest posting mentioning like ‘write for us’, ‘guest author’, ‘contribute your article’ in their footer section. You can submit a guest blog from there.


  • It explores your site and branding.
  • It drives more traffic.
  • Increases more followers and, 
  • Page authority of your website.

Get Tip

  • 👉 Write for the website which has potential users related to your niche.
  • 👉 Must read its guidelines for guest post submission.
  • 👉 Avoid Duplicate content While writing your article on another website. Original content accepted more often.
  • 👉 Use killer strategies to write an article with an amazing and catchy headline.
  • 👉 Don’t use affiliate and many internal hyperlinks. You can simply put your website URL in the bio there.  

#13. Start A Podcast

Starting a podcast is such a great opportunity especially for bloggers who have not implemented it.

You should start podcasting in your niche like Neilpatel.

According to data, 51%  Of Americans listen to a podcast and this percentage keeps growing.

All you need to start are: A microphone, audio recorder, and editing software, podcast hosting account. 


  • A podcast is work-friendly means your users can listen to your podcast and also browse other things in a new tab or writing notepad or connect it with a speaker to understand it clearly and…
  • It improves listening skills.
  • Grow followers on podcast hosting platform. 
Buzzsprout and Podbean are the best platforms for podcasting your branding audio series.

Get Tip

  • 👉 Promote your website in podcasting.
  • 👉 Tell your listeners to subscribe and leave a review.

#14. The Architecture Of Your Website
Should be Impressive

The simple and fast working layout always works. 

No one wants to spend his time on websites that have a complicated design or slow loading. 

But This can be solved in a very simple way.

All you need to do is to use an SEO-friendly theme that not only works faster than other themes but also gives a better user experience to your audience.

Some of the best fast working themes are Astra and GeneratePress.

Then use the highly satisfying page builder like Elementor to design your Landing Page, About, Contact, or Singular Blog Posts.

With Elementor, You feel limitless to properly craft design for your website or blog.

Get Tip

  • 👉 Select your theme color to use the same most of the place. It makes your branding style e.g. Blue for Facebook. I choose two colors for Blogging Desire. The two-color is shown in the Logo
  • 👉 Don’t make it odd-looking. Your blog layout should be eye-catching

#15. Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

Is your web page mobile-friendly?

According to a data of, 53.3% of Traffic comes from mobile device. Mass feel easy to browse on their smartphones or iphones.

Increase Blog Traffic Fastly by 357% (#23 PRO Tips) 4

Perhaps so, Mobile is considered as an integral part of our body. It’s not true but, of course, It is an integral part of our daily life.

This is listed here to make you sure to use a mobile responsive theme. 

Because it will give you more audience browsing on all devices like Mobile, Tablet, and Laptop.

Just check your website URL on Mobile-Friendly Test by Google.

#16. Blog Regularly

Consistency in work always gives a fruitful result.

Some of the newbies started blogging with high energy but spending a few months on it they fill tired in maintain regularity on their blog. 

Don’t forget even a single high-quality content can drive more traffic to your blog as well as the number of email subscribers.

So, You need to spend time on your blog with a dedicated mindset.

You are eager to know that’s why you’re reading this guide. you have the potential to do what you wanna achieve. Just work with the right strategies. 

If a thing looks hard nut to crack – just make it simple with a positive mindset.

Get Tip

  • 👉 Make a note of blog post titles you are intended to cover in the running month. And do it month-wise.
  • 👉 Write on the trending thing in your niche and reread it before publishing it.
  • 👉 If you want to work on your blog daily but your output doesn’t satisfy you till going to bed. Change your daily routine and see the improvement by yourself.

#17. Refresh Your Old Content

Do you like to read the old content? I don’t think so.

In the blogosphere, No one wants to spend his time reading a die or obsolete content.

Refreshing or updating your old blog post is an amazing way of getting high traffic. 

Mostly, bloggers use this strategy to give life in their content by adding updated information.


  • Reviving old content shows your audience you care about.
  • Some obsolete points replace by the latest information. 
  • content ranks due to updating boost factor

So, keep updating your old content from time to time for the Google Chronological Maintenance. 

#17. Free Giveaways

FREE Guide!

Obviously, everyone wants free kinds of stuff and attract towards it.

Giveaways are promotional tools that given free of cost to customers as a gift. It can be a free guide, free contest joining, etc. 


  • It is used to attracts a ton of new audiences.
  • You can help your readers by offering free gifts.
  • This method helps you build a strong email list subscribers. This is a mostly used weapon for lead generation.
  • Free Giveaways are also profitable for gaining social media followers via your blog.
Use this smart strategy to drive more audience on your blog and convert them into a real subscriber.

Get Tip

  • 👉 It would be an awesome idea to launch free giveaways with your products or services.
  • 👉 Write about your free giveaways on social media platforms so that more people get free service and you gets more audience. You can send emails to your audience whenever you publish a post. 

#18. Increase Email Listing

Being a blogger, You have guessed that every smart blogger focuses on listing email subscribers.

But Why?

In fact, Email Listing is a very popular and favorable choice of online businesses or services. 


  • It reaches to a global or already engaged audience.
  • Write less, share more.
  • Service Costs Low.
  • Promotes services/products instantly.
  • Drive Revenue through attracting customers.
  • Notify your audience about updates, messages or special offers.

 So, you must consider it important.

Get Tip

  • 👉 Before sending the emails to your audience, must analyse its sound.
  • 👉 It Should be brief and to the point.

#19. Start YouTube For Second Door Traffic

According to Digital Information World – 55% of people watch videos online every day.

This is a stat from 2017, As of today, you can expect more.

YouTube, you know, a powerful platform where you can raise your voice with the world.

In fact,  besides a site, YouTube, Podcasting are the other ways that can give you many followers or audience.

Using all of them, the growth of your online presence will be mountainous.

Get Tip

  • 👉 The Engagement rates of your channel will go high after you crossing at least 20 informational videos.
  • 👉 Must branding your channel 
  • 👉 Add  creativity in your content.

#20. Participate In Webinars

Can you imagine, How much profit you get by participating in a webinar?

Let me tell you.


  • People whom you are addressing in the webinar is your targeted audience.
  • It’s a simple and non-problematic way to join or build your own community.
  • You will have large and genuine followers.
  • You can sell your services to the audience and can earn even more than $50k per webinars. (It may be less or more – depends on audience requirements).

#21. Beat Your Competition Fearlessly

You can find a ton of ideas from your competitors on and Innovate what they don’t. 

Be original and creative in everything you do on your blog.

No matter whether it is content writing, blog design, or services, you can be different from your competitors.

Competiton is also an important part that pushes or boosts you for doing better than them.

#22. Build Awesome Community

“The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for work.” 

– Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad)

Bloggers must join or create a responsive blogging community where they could spread helpful content to the right audience.


  • Boost Engagement on your site.
  • Community builds social proofs & so the business clients.
  • Ways to attracts advertisers.
  • Easy to promote or sell products.
  • Stay Knowledgeable in your business.

Get Tip

  • 👉 Be Responsive and Polite to everyone. It gives the best impression.

#23. Track Your Blog Traffic and
User Engagement

Is it mandatory?

Yes, Of Course.

Having an eye on the user engagements of your website is indeed an important factor to grow more traffic on your blog.

Some of the analytical tools to increase or check user engagement. All metrics are different:

  1. Google Search Console
  2. Google Analytics
  3. GT Metrix
  4. SEMRush
  5. Similar Web
  6. UberSuggest
  7. Sprout Social
  8. BuzzSumo


  • Gain the analytics of Real Page Views, CTR, Email Click-Through Rates, Engagement Rates, Bounce Rates, Conversion Rates, Global Demographic Reach, Backlinks, Page Speed, Right Trending Keywords, Social Sharing information and much more. 


Wrapping It Up

So, These 23 are the ground plans for getting a server crushing amazing traffic on which all the big bloggers work.

I appreciate your eager attention to this matter.

A Blog’s traffic does not boost overnight, You have to be calm with an unstoppable Mindset.

You need to apply these approaches to increase blog traffic in the fastest way.

Take Action on the strategies you have not applied so far. And Let Me Know, Which Strategies You Use, In The Comment Section Below.

Also, Leave Your Thoughts On This Guide🤩.

If This Guide Really Help You, Give It A Share To Pay My Efforts.

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