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How to Write a Blog Post – Ultimate Guide [2023]

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"A Heart-Winning Guide on How to Write a Blog Post"

You’re here because you quite often search for ‘how to write a good blog post for SEO’ Right?

Well! don’t worry.

Within 10 minutes, You’ll be able to catch all Important & Value Points – The Profits of reading this post.

Though algorithm is the same as real. But you find it quite easy to understand. 

The following points are,

  • Research Your Topic First.
  • Start Writing Using The Article’s Blue Print.
  • Keep Following What SEO Says.
  • Do Important Checklists Before Publishing Blog Article(s).
  • Some Success Works You Must do after Published Your Blog Post.
  • Lots more…🟠🟡🟢
You Cannot ignore any point.
So, Let’s start it  step by step.

Topic - Ways to write Masterclass Blog Post

You’ll able to cover all points you must know about how to write a blog post.

1. Decide Your Topic

Lots of ideas rounding inside the mind but confused to settle on one topic?

If this also happens with you, you should read this context.

Let me tell you this is common among bloggers.

Here’re something that you can correlate.

Writing on highly competitive topic is waste of time because it takes longer to rank on SERP Top pages.

Apart from this, You have to be smart and choosy while picking a blog topic.

Look at the works what Pros do,

Use best keyword tools to find best right keywords that ranks fast like

  • SEMrushFree Trail for 14 days (Worth $199)
  • AhrefsStart Trail for 7 days at $7
In addition to telling Monthly Search Volume and CPC, These tools reveals Keyword Difficulty(KD), Competition, look SERP position, Competitors Top Keywords and lots of metrics that increase your Blog Productivity.
If your don’t want to spend money or your pocket doesn’t allow, You can use Free alternatives like Google keyword planner  and Google Trends with limited features.


The core point is to select a keyword for you blog post that has low competition and high chances of ranking faster. i.e. High Global Search Volume.

2. Do Research About Content

A genuine blogger can’t deliver invalid information on their blog. Right?

Absolutely Right!!

In order to write an awe-inspiring blog post, You must collects the facts and details relevant to your blog topic.

While researching, Write down the important factors that you’ll explain in your blog post.

It makes your work quite easy during writing a blog post.

Get Tips

⭐ Look at your competitors for explaining more clearly than them.

⭐ Filter the most necessary things that you will explain on your blog

3. Set Down an Eye-Catching Title

Do you know the importance of a catchy headline?

What a silly question?

Of course, You would know as being a blogger.

Still, I suggest you to 

  • Make your blog post titles something interesting and, 
  • Answerable to why readers should click and land onto your blog post.
  • It must exactly or close to what people search on Google.
In other words – Magnetic Headlines

But the most important thing that you must not forget is to inserting your focus keyword in title.

Your focus keyword is “Best Foods for Summer“. You should make attention-grabbing headlines like,

✔ Example: 23 Best Foods for Summer that You Must Taste

 Example: Why Your Colleagues Think That Best foods For Summer Is Better Than Sleeping

You can use SEMrush Free Title Generator to make awesome headlines.

4. Write a Justified Intro Of The Topic

I said Justified!!

Readers on the Internet don’t read every article, They usually scroll down and leave the page. Right??

So, You should create enthusiastic introduction with No ❌Fake Details, exaggerations, fluffy conversations so that readers think you a genuine blogger and share your content without saying.

Instead of this, Make It Lively by correlating facts.

And identifying your readers’ problems.

This way you gain the image of real blogger that focuses on giving values.

It is a human psychology.

However, the introduction of any article is very very important as it,

  1. Appears at the beginning.
  2. Generating curiosity & pushing readers for reading the whole to grasp the information.
Add Table of Contents or Outlines

Table of contents gives an instant idea on what topics have you covered inside the blog post. 

It’s one-view table also let you jump on the respectively point whatever you clicked on.

Inserting Outline has two main advantages. i.e. 

  1. Outline helps readers to catch all the valuable points discussed on the blog post.
  2. Writing the body of blog post gets easy and simple.

Get Tips

⭐ Write the lead points. Let them know that is explained in the content. i.e The Benefits of reading the blog post.
⭐ Make it short, interesting and factual.
⭐ Insert primary keyword in introduction part (But Don’t Stiff it much).

5. Write Body Of The Post

The body, The supreme part.

This is the main place where you must includes useful details in simplest way using sub-headings.

(A). Divide in Sub-Headings

Sometimes, it gets boring to read articles resulting in people leave the page.

But, in order to hold your audience, we need to add some flavor to the articles.

So, adding sub-headings is a great idea.

This “how to write a blog post” article is also used sub-headings to understand every point comfortably.

Particularly, in list articles, we use sub-heading using numbers. 

Sub-heading divides your blog post step-by-step which readers enjoy while reading. They are curious to catch the next important sub-heading.

And thus, sub-heading plays its role to engage your users.

(B). Be Descriptive and Clear

Creativity is great. Clarity is better.

You shouldn’t be using shortened details in the main part of blog post i.e  Body.

Otherwise also, short posts are not suggested by SEO guidelines.

On contrary, a descriptive blog post has many advantages.

#1. Descriptive writing makes long-form content.

Explain your topic as much as required.

People like reading descriptive, interesting and valuable articles, magazines, stories, novels etc.

You can make it by considering two easy points. i.e.

  • Firstly, Divide the post topic into several sub-headings.
  • Secondly, Explain each sub-topics with adding useful information and media.

#2. The longer the blog post, the better the SEO ranking

According to a research of hubspot, Long-form article gets high shares.

how to write a blog post

Let me guess what are you thinking?

If I’m not wrong, You’re thinking about the right blog post length?🧏‍♂️


If somewhat depends on the niche of your blog.

However, You must write long articles (at least > 1500 words count). More is better to beat your competitors.

In real, when your audience finds more details in single blog post they must notice your website.

And, spread social sharing that returns much traffic to your blog.

let’s see the proof⬇

#3. Long and insightful articles increase social media Sharing.

Also, after scanning 100 million articles, Buzzsumo’s studies reveals its graph between word length vs average shares.

write a shareable blog post

As you can see, the longer blog post have high average social shares.

#4. It earns more Backlinks

Considering Backlinks or linking domains, Hubspot released data that says long-form articles gains more backlinks🔗.

increase backlinks on blog post
Source: hubspot

Quality backlinks is important key factor for increasing Domain Authority.

#5. Grow User Engagements.

Add a conversation tone in your writing as it outcomes as a better results.

Also, reading-friendly blog post makes your audience feel that you’re talking to them. 

That’s awesome!

Get Tips

⭐ Be Descriptive. Be To the Point.
⭐ Use Short Paragraphs for giving better reading experience.
⭐ You can hire expert writers who write your articles on freelancer, fiverr, Upwork.

6. Decorate your Blog Posts with Visuals

A content without visuals looks incomplete.

Isn’t it?

Add engaging media that hold and encourage readers to stay on your website.

There’re also other advantages of adding media like Images, Infographics, videos etc.

Let’s see how to catch it!


Images are extremely useful for giving an appealing and user-friendly look to your blog content.

It is required for supporting your content and gain image search engine traffic.

There’re some platforms that gives you high quality free copyright images.

Unsplash, Pixabay are popular names for giving free images that don’t require copyright license.

If you want to use annotate images, you will need an image screenshot editing software or simply extension that is available at no cost – Awesome Screenshot Extension

annotate images for blog post

📰 Infographics

For making a captivating infographic, You can use best services;

Undoubtedly, a great infographic can give you unexpected backlinks due to its easy to understand and impressive looks.

Get Tips

⭐ Use image compressor tool like OptimiZilla to reduce the file size of images or infographics without losing quality.
⭐ Make sure you are filling up ALT Text while uploading any media.

🎬 Videos

Videos reminds YouTube. Haha!!


You can upload videos on blog too for supporting your content.

Note1: Using more videos can slow down your website.

If you’re intended to add videos on your blog then use CDN (Content Delivery Network) services like MaxCDN that opens your web pages extremely fast. 

That’s a positive sign!

7. End with a Strong Conclusion

Conclusion is a closing end. i.e. opposite of introduction.

Here, there’s no place for beating about the bush.

In conclusion, we summarize the main points briefly and the positive effects of reading the blog post.

Shortly, recall that you fulfilled promises what you make in the starting paragraphs.

In fact, a great conclusion also includes actionable words that boost reader’s knowledge and improve their productivity (encourage them for taking actions). 

It’s extremely effective idea.

Lastly, tell readers for dropping their useful comments with a sense of closure.

Overall, It should look impressive.

Get Tips

⭐ Neither use any new ideas that fits odd nor put any image in conclusion.
⭐ Short Conclusion is better.
⭐ Ask questions that triggers numerous comments

OK, What’s Next?

SEO Arrow

How To
Optimize Your Blog Post With SEO

After knowing how to write a blog post, Keep in mind these search engine optimization(SEO) factors to write a next level Blog Post that google tends to make visible in SERP.

SEO Title Readibilty

Primary keyword must be placed in your SEO title is one of the significant factors for optimizing blog post with positive outcomes. 

Be the best to place your keyword in the very beginning of the blog title. 

Best Blog Title width – 60-65 character. 

Include Focus Keyword in the Permalink/slug

Put your primary keyword in permalink url or slug to best visible in search engines. Keep it short.

Manage Keyword Density cunningly.

Keyword Density – It means the proportion of your primary keyword to the rest of the content. 

However, there is no ideal keyword density percentage. But it shouldn’t be too low or too high. When too high, it makes a sense of keyword stiffing.

So, the most important thing is to keep the content natural.

Put related post internal links

Crucial Point!

While writing blog post, wherever you find something related to your old posts make sure to add internal links there.

It is strongly recommended in SEO guidelines. It also increase page views and average timing on your blog that is beneficial to the ranking of your site. 

Also, Put external links or Do Follow external links wherever it relevant to help your readers to find the right  resources from your site.

Miscellaneous Factors

 💡  Put primary keyword in Meta Description
⚡ Make sure to use primary keyword phrase in at least one or more subheadings.
🎴  Write focus or primary keyword in alt attributes of one or more images.
5️⃣ Use number in your SEO title.
❌ NEVER use the same focus keyword you have used before. 


how to write a blog post PNG infographic

Share this Image On Your Site

Best Tools Helps in Writing a Captivating Blog Post

SEMrush – Semrush is, undoubtedly, world’s best marketing tool that reveals competitor’s intelligence to you as well as the best keywords that ranked easily and so your website as you use it as focus keyword in your blog post.

Join SEMrush free trail for 7 days to catch all the premium features. I bet all features are great!

Grammarly – Grammarly is the best online writing assistant that offers free services. Once you create an account on grammarly, it helps in write correctly on blog post, emails, messages, documents & on social media networks. However, you can join its pro membership at very justified cost to all features & write like a Great Writer.

Evernote – Evernote is extremely useful free extension that saves a lot of your precious time. It saves any web pages that you can prefer to read later, Also, take screenshots and annotate or highlight important texts. You can use annotate images on your blog.

Canva – Canva is the most popular image creating platform. Canva let you make Logo, Featured Images, Infographics, Social Media Cover Photos and lots more. The best part is canva offers enough features at free of cost. I love using Canva.

SocialSnap – SocialSnap is the best social sharing WordPress plugin. It provides magnetic and impressive features for the placements of sharing buttons both on Mobile & Desktop view. In facts, it gives you full potential of social media to grow your website. Join its premium service to unlock full features.

Final Thoughts


Now you are ready to write your next blog post using these predominant SEO Guidelines to grow your blog in time as less as possible.

Also, Involve your creativity to create a dynamic and breathtaking blog article format.

I mentioned the same criteria I’m following for writing a blog post.

Let me know your thoughts on this “How to write a Blog Post – Definitive Guide”.

I would love to hear from my kind supporters.💌

Wishes for your Blogging Success!!🎉📈

Sharing is Love 💖(It takes a few seconds of yours)⏰.

4 thoughts on “How to Write a Blog Post – Ultimate Guide [2023]”

  1. Joseph Robinson

    Hi, Sagar
    Thanks for this masterpiece blog post. Again an extremely helpful guide as usual. As you said it really Heart-winning Guide 😃

    1. You are welcome, Joseph 🙏
      And thank you back For considering it masterpiece article on how to write a blog post. We only need is support from my learning audience like you 😃. Keep Visiting and sharing.

  2. Hey Sagar Sahil ,

    Excellent post with fabulous work. Your hard work and researches are really appreciable.

    Glad to say that you have provided great tips to write seo-optimized blog post. You have provided key tips here and i completely agree with your each & every mentioned tips. It is important that the blog post that we are creating must be well-optimized for seo for better ranking.Your each mentioned tips are so crucial and must be considered while preparing seo-optimized blog posts.

    You have presented each tips in an impressive way along with necessary points that are true enough to understand. Deciding the topic and doing research are really important steps, whereas doing researches helps in getting more ideas about the content and the decided topic. SEMrush, Ahrefs & google-keyword-planner are really great tools for doing keyword research. Eye-catchy-headline also matters a lot and plays a vital role in generating more traffic and increasing readers-engagement,Hence including an Eye-catchy headline is so important & necessary too. writing a justified & enthusiastic introduction ins also vital. Including table of content is truly vital, as including table of content will makes it easier for readers in reaching directly to that part of content that are useful for them. Decorating the blog post with attractive visuals are also necessary, whereas including attractive images on blog post will provide an appealing look to it and bring more readers to it. As we know that images also holds a great potential to engage more readers & people. Yes Unsplash & Pixabay are really helpful platforms for searching high quality copyright free images. Canva is also an awesome tool for creating/editing the images and is also great for creating logos, banners & photo-collage. Ending the content with a strong conclusion is also a good decision. Adopting and implementing your suggested tips will be a great helping hand and undoubtedly helps people in creating seo-optimized blog post.

    After going through this complete post i really got helpful ideas and According to me this is a perfect guide to know about creating seo-optimized blog post.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such an informative post.

    1. Hello Aadarsh,
      Thanks a million for considering this post a valuable one and go through deeply into it. Day by day, I’m trying to reveal the best information that can help many people in growing their blogs faster.

      And, Thanks again for the time you spend here and commenting your valuable feedback. Keep sharing & back soon.😀

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