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Blog Meta Description: 7 Actionable Tips for High CTR

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Writing Blog Meta Description Is Mandatory.

Do you Even Think So?

If yes, You’re at the right place.

*According to Google, Meta Description is not an SEO Element, But they’re also suggesting to use it in websites.

In this guide, “How to write blog meta description”,  I got you covered with 7 undeniable reasons for using meta description where you’ll learn how it works as a contributing factor for ranking.

And simultaneously about the practical guidance with the 6 Bonus Advice.

So, Before going deep into it, have a look at basic parts of some blogger’s queries.meta 


General FAQ

If you already know some basics about Blog Meta Description then you can skip this step.

What Is Blog Meta Description?

 A Blog Meta Description informs and make users interest with a short, relevant summary of what a particular page is about in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Why Is It Important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

 A blog Meta Description for every page is important in the following way;

  •  1. It draws readers attentions and convince them the page is exactly what they are looking for.
  •  2. It’s not let them your content slide in SERP. 
  • 3. A magnetized meta description increases high Click Through Rates (CTR) which increases search ranking. 
  •  4. There shows bold keywords of what queries people search for.
And more…..You will know ahead in this article.


Make A Trailer for your Page Content with 7 Stunning Formulas. #metadescription #bloggingtips

Are you not getting a satisfying CTR on your posts Despite of writing a knowledgeable content?

That means you’re lacking somewhere.

A proper meta description improves CTR to a high level by impressing readers.

Let’s land on the base point right now.

Blog Meta Description: 7 Actionable Tips for High CTR 1

7 Formulas For Quality Blog Meta Descriptions

1. Meta Length: Don't Be So Confused

*As per Google Algorithm –  “There’s no limit on how long a meta description can be, but the search result snippets are truncated as needed, typically to fit the device width“.

The above sentence means that if you write a meta description upto 275 or 325 characters long, Google will automatically short it in SERP to fit the meta length (Truncate it nearly about 160 characters).

And so the ideal size of meta summary is 150-160 characters.

But sometimes Google shows whole meta explanation in SERP. 

Here’s the proof,

Get Tip: I’ll recommended to put your primary keyword or interesting info. at the beginning of the meta description (under 125 characters) so that it fit in all the search engines, mobile devices and social media platforms.(Image)

Use Spotibo to check whether your meta description length fits perfectly to laptop and mobile devices in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

2. Ensure Meta Description Is Relevant To Content

Your meta descriptions should always be fitting with your content for every pages.

It must be accurately describe the specific page.

If you don’t do this, there be a negative response by users.

And so, add the main inputs from content page.

brand value, use short beneficial words (numerical data), trailer of the post.

3. Insert Your Focus Keyword So Naturally

Myriad newbie bloggers focus on doing keyword stuffing in their meta tags.

I don’t think it is always right for gaining an applaudable number of CTR.

Put your primary keyword at the beginning of meta description all the time for high results.

Advice: Write for Audience, not for Bots

Meta descriptions are basically aimed at users. 

It’s an imperative part to incorporate the main keywords within it. But do not stuff your description full with them. It looks spammy and can put people off. 

Instead of doing this, make your description informative and straightforward to read.

Write by human for humans is the better and commendable option to get them something that compel them to visit the site.

4. Create Unique Meta Description For Every Page

I guessed what are you thinking?

You think – What is its need or importance?

Let me clear this point to you. OKEY!

Some bloggers take more time to create meta description for their website/ blog’s homepage but they less care for the meta description for blog post pages.

Even if you don’t do this, Google will automatically show meta description for your web pages from its context.

But making a custom description by yourself has the following advantages 🙂

  • 1. You know better about articles you write so you should write descriptions cleverly.
  • 2. There is difference between scientist and science e.g. a human and bot. Your own made description make it human readable. 
  • 3. You can add processing (7 formulas) inputs in your description for CTR and Organic Clicks.
  • 4. Make them curious to visit your page by invoking interest in your meta descriptions.
  • 5. Tell them about the values & benefits of reading your content.
  • 6. You can write Urgency as per demand of the content.
That’s why you should keep this point in mind.

5. Write Effectively In Active Voice

Active voice is recommended everywhere to talk direct and to the point.

Boost engagement using the classic and standard copywriting technique of active voice.

Because it gives people a clear notion of what action to take.

It’s also Grammatically recommended.

Add spark by using power words in your description to trigger emotions and values in active voice.

with the ultimate intention to get them to do something (e.g. make a purchase).

6. Take Advantage Of Call-To-Action

How To Write Blog Meta Description

A great number of bloggers forget to use this step.

They miss CTA part to include in their blog meta description.

Tell Them – Their query’s solution is here.

A few examples, 

  •  ‘Learn more’ / ‘Find more’ / ‘Read in detail’ /  ‘Get more in context’.
  •  ‘Start _________ Today’ / ‘Get In Touch Today’
  •  Sometimes use ‘See our plans’ instead of ‘Sign up now’ (Because it works better).
  •  ‘call us Today’
  •  ‘Get cheapest Deals’ And More.
  •  ‘Right place for you’
  •  ‘Discover how’ / ‘Find out how’
If you are running a selling website, be sure to convey Action & Benefit in your descriptions so that searchers who want to buy click on.
Seeing this, they wondered to think what happens next.
Understand by example;

7. Avoid Spamming Your Visitors

Nobody likes someone cheat them.

Usually, spammers do this for high CTR but they forget about high bounce rate and down ranking in search engines.

If you cheat them, they’re not going to read your article resulting they instantly leave your site.

So, Always match meta descriptions with your page content.

The more you will give quality content the more you will get the audience’s support and love.

Be a genuine blogger of your niche, people will soon start to recognize and appreciate you for your work.

Catch your bonus tips below 😉

7 BONUS Tips @ BloggingDesire for writing quality meta descriptions. Check It Out. #Metadescription

🐱‍🏍Bonus Tips for You

Apart from the above useful strategies, I have certain additional tips that may help you in your work.😀

#1. refresh or recreate meta descriptions of Your older content

If you are not getting good enough CTR on any of your valuable posts then you need to make a change to see a positive result.

Transform your description to a new version keeping the above factors in mind but make sure you save the old version in your spreadsheet for future, if it needs.


#2. Compare Your Meta Description with your Competitors

Honestly, I do go through this part at times. 

Comparing your meta description with high ranking competitors doesn’t any mean to copy them. You can take hints from them.

But If You Copy Them Completely,It Will Be A Duplicate Part So Google Can Ignore You In Ranking.

This, simply, helps to make you understand how to write and use a meta description that drives more clicks for a website as your competitors are getting on their one(s).

As you will see competitors meta description, you can observe and learn from them. “You can learn something from your competitors”.

Incorporate Your own Creativity, So That You Can Stand Out In Competition.


#3. Support meta description with cathy page title

If your page title as well as meta description will be attention paying You will get a mountainous amount of traffic on that web page. This is what that holds the readers to scroll the content. 

#4. Use FAQ schema in SERPs 

Talented Bloggers use this extremely effective & proven technique to gain additional advantages.
Using FAQ schema with meta description in SERP is not only increases Click Through Rates (CTR) to a high level but also drive more organic traffic for your website.
Rank Math detailed it in their full guide on Using FAQ schema in SERPs
This is another crucial factor with you can rise above the competition.
Will you use it? Let me know dropping a comment below.

#5. Create rich snippets for social media 

after completing the article, You publish it on blog. 

But for social media like facebook & twitter, you can recreate and optimize title & meta description to seeing your audience on that platform.

As a blogger, i can understand that whole day pass but we still have some works to finish.

So if it demands then do it otherwise leave it as it published on blog.

#6. Fulfill Your Promise

Lived up to your promise you made in meta description to solve searcher’s query.

If you don’t do this, people will not rely you and so they don’t come to your site again to read other posts.

This is what hurts your search Engine Optimization (SEO).


So Yeah, I mentioned all the points which you really need to know in order to play with Blog Meta Descriptions to Gain High CTR. BOOM🔥

Now create better descriptions and See the result yourself.

Have any question to ask? Just don’t hesitate to comment below.

I’ll be glad if you share your thoughts about this guide. 

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