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Rank Math Review: The Best Option Ever for WordPress SEO Plugin

You come here, that means you know the power of the right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its importance as well. 

Without SEO, no website can be ranked.

If you’ve not yet installed an SEO plugin for your WordPress website then you need to connect with a genuine and trusted SEO plugin like Rank Math vs Yoast SEO. I’m using Rank Math SEO plugin and I recommend it.

Why do I recommend Rank Math? What are its advantages? You will know all these after reading through rank math SEO review.

MyThemeShop is a big brand that deals with many WordPress themes and plugins. But this time they introduce a revolutionary, powerful and fast SEO plugin called Rank Math.

In this whole article, I will explain to you the installation, activation, setup & connection of Rank Math SEO plugin step by step.

Before moving on the setup wizard of Rank Math SEO, have some looks on its features; 

Rank math SEO review
Rank math SEO review

Rank Math Review And SETUP

rank math SEO fast plugin

Guys, Just open your website dashboard and go to Plugins >> Add New,

install and activate rank math SEO plugin

Type “Rank Math SEO” in the search bar and click to go.

As seen in the above image, the required plugin has resulted. You can read its detail & review.

Press on ‘Install Now‘ and

Good job, the plugin is installed on your WordPress site BUT a lot of things to be done ahead.

Just follow the steps one by one.

Once the setup process begins, you will be welcomed by the Rank Math activation interface like the below image.

rank math seo account create

Click on ‘Activate Rank Math’, the next interface will be

rank math register an account

Enter your details to register an account on it.

The next step is the setup screen. Here rank math checks your website compatibility to see whether the website is compatible with rank math. You can see all the tests that perform to check the site compatibility on clicking the ‘More’ button.

rank math seo setup wizard

You’re ready to go for further steps. Click on the ‘setup wizard

#Step 1 - Import Data from Other Plugin

I was earlier using Yoast SEO but I moved to rank math SEO and it is working wonderfully.

Rank math imports SEO data settings from many SEO plugins instantly and the change won’t affect your SEO rankings at all.

Rank Math will automatically detect which SEO plugin you’re using and allow you to selectively choose which settings you can import. For example, here is how the Import Data screen appears when your site is set up using Yoast SEO.

Rank math import from yoast SEO

If you’re a new blogger, just click on the ‘Skip’  button to proceed and If you’ve another SEO plugin and want to import in Rank math then click on ‘Start Import’ to continue the setup.

rank math vs yoast seo

You continue here, the next screen in front of you will be like,

#Step 2 - Choose Your Website Type

blogging desire

#Step 3 - Google Search Console Setting in Rank Math

At this step, you need to have an account with google search console for your website

If you haven’t created an account in Google Search Console then click here to know how to do it in 5 minutes. If you already have an account then move below.

In this step, You’ll connect rank math with Google Search Console account to configure statistics about your website and display them right inside your website’s admin area. This saves you hours of precious time, and you also get access to actionable, real-time data when you’re working on your website.

If you’re on this step, then you have a website (or a property) verified in Search Console, which means Google is now collecting data about that property.

Authenticate rank math to connect with Google Search Console. 

Click on the ‘Get Authorization Code‘. A new window will popup which would list all your current signed-in Google accounts. Choose the account you used to verify your website. The new window is below.

search console gmail setup

Your all listed google account will display here. you need to choose the same you used to verify your website.

when you choose the account, it will automatically initialize on the below page.

rank math vs yoast SEO

This screen shows what permissions Rank Math will get after the authorization.

Just press ‘Allow’ to continue the process.

After you allow, A copy link page will display. It is the google code you will paste it on your website.

copy this code and paste it into

We’ve blurred the security code a bit for privacy reasons. Copy the code.

Paste the authorization code in the Search Console field. As soon as you do, Rank Math will automatically get the verification code. and you will see something like this.

google search console rank math

As soon as you paste the authorization code from the right account, It will automatically display your website address in the ‘search console profile’.

If you’ve multiple websites connected to the Gmail account, Select the one website from your listed websites clicking dropdown on which you want to access rank math.

Click ‘save and continue‘ to proceed to the next step.

Plus Tip: If you have multiple Google accounts and accidentally linked the wrong Google account with Rank Math, you can de-authorize your account using the “De-authorize” button, and repeat the authorization process.

#Step 4 - Sitemaps

Sitemaps help search engines to find your website’s content and index it properly. On this page, we will configure the different sitemap options. Here is a preview of all the options available.

sitemap setting of rank math

Once you’ve configured the settings, click the “Save and Continue” button to move onto the next step.

#Step 5 - Optimization

In this step, you are going to enable simple tweaks for your website that make a big impact. Here are all the options that appear on the screen

rank math SEO optimization

Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives: Keep it ON to avoid the indexation of thin content pages and dilution of page rank. We suggest you enable this option.

Nofollow External Links:  It totally depends on you, If you enable this option it will automatically add a no-follow attribute to all the external links. If you keep this option off then also you can manually add a no-follow attribute to any external link. look at the below image.

You will get the Rel=Nofollow checkbox automatically while adding any link in your blog post.


Open External Links in New Tab:  Whenever a visitor clicks on the external links, you added in your posts, The link page will open in a new tab/window. By default, it is ON and we recommend you to keep enable this option for giving a better experience to your readers.

Once you’ve configured all the settings in this step, click the “Save and Continue” button to proceed forward.

#Step 6 - Showing off your optimized website


You’ve completed the basic setup settings.

SEO score of rank math plugin

Let’s move ahead.🤩

When you Click on the ‘setup advanced options‘ button, A new screen will be preview like the below image.

Rank Math SEO: Advanced Setting

404 error and redirection of rank math seo plugin

404 Monitor:

Many blogs can have dead or 404 error pages, which is just waste and can contribute to lower rankings in the SERPs. Rank Math protects you against such ranking issues by automatically detecting and alerting you about any 404 errors as soon as any of your blog’s users or the search engines run into 404 not found.

Where other plugins charge for this feature, Rank math gives this service with no cost.

It is by default ON and I suggest you to unchanged it.


Redirections module allow you to easily redirect posts that never existed or have been deleted or moved to new URLs, to their current working URLs or other posts you would like to drive the traffic to. It’s very useful in SEO and giving users a better experience.

Normally, it comes with premium package of many plugins like Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO, but rank math provides us this service for absolutely FREE.

Click on ‘save and continue’ to go next.

rank math schema markup rich snippet

Rich Snippet for Posts & Pages: 

Rich snippets help your content visible in the SERPs, attracting the audience and get a much better click-through rate than you would otherwise get.  Thus, it really boosts your site’s organic traffic.

This feature helps your site create rich results in the search pages, attracting a lot more organic traffic than pages that don’t have a rich snippet.

Rank Math is giving you a feature of rich snippets to simplify the on-page SEO as much as it can be possible. It displays a number of points, which helps you to write great content up to 100/100 SEO scored. 

Now open rank math dashboard to enable all the settings which are left.

Rank math >> Dashboard >> Module Frameworks

rank math dashboard
module frameworks of rank math seo
Module Framework

Rank math >> General Settings

SEO Settings of rank math plugin
rank math seo links settings
Rank math seo settings
Rank math breadcrumb
Rank math webmaster tools
rank math seo robots.txt
seo htaccesss
Rank Math Review: The Best Option Ever for WordPress SEO Plugin 1

Conclusion: Rank Math Review

In Short, Rank Math Plugin is the best for SEO that gives you numerous resources & features at no cost.

I enjoying using this SEO plugin, It makes my work easy to monitoring On-Page-Search Engine Optimization.

I want to end this guide with two points:

  1. Rank Math Is Free
  2. Rank Math gives premium features even in free account (*awesome for beginners to start with the best tool). 
Send me your comments about Rank Math SEO.
Spread your Support.

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>> Install Rank Math NOW.


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  1. Hey Sagar Sahil ,

    Awesome post with fabulous work. I truly appreciate your hard-work.

    Glad to say that you have included a great review of Rank-math seo plugin. You have introduced Rank-math in an impressive way along with all the crucial & necessary information that is true enough to understand and educate the learners.

    Rank-Math is a powerful & one of a best seo plugin that provides incredible features and numerous resources. Using this plugin will helps a lot and lets user to track & check the progress of on-page seo. Your each of the suggested steps (including images) are so clear and providing better understanding as well.

    After going through this complete post i really got helpful ideas and have also boosted my knowledge upto some limit. Your post is really spreading in-depth knowledge and according to me this is a perfect guide to know about Rank-Math seo plugin.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a fantastic post.

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