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How I Reduce Moz Spam Score

Spam score represents the meaning of spammy or penalized sites are connected with your site. 

So, if you have a high spam score on your site, chances are more to loose a mass of visitors because of trust issues.

First off, Understand that spam score does not increase due to only spammy sites linked to your site BUT it may due to some other reasons (we’ll discuss it below). 

This guide proofs… How I successfully reduce Moz spam score from 32% to 1% on my site.

Let’s get started!

How is Moz Spam Score Calculated?

According to the Moz data and statistics team, They use 27 factors to analyze spam score of a website. 

Here’s it is one-by-one.

For more details of each specific point, 

Visit: Moz factors.

Use Spam Score Checker

To check a spam score of a website, there are several tools available on the internet.

But, the most accurate and recommended spam score checker is Moz Tool.

Well, It is an extension, you can freely install on Google Chrome Extensions.

After install and created an account on Moz, You’re ready to check site spam score as well as site audit. 

Moz smartly shows the breakdown of your Spam Score for the sites that are linking to your site. A range of score between

  • (1-30)% considered a low spam score.
  • (31-60)% considered a medium spam score.
  • (61-100)% considered a high spam score.
spam score breakdown

How to Reduce Spam Score in Easy Steps

Before telling anything, let me show you the proof that I have a spam score of 32% on my site.


Even though I never done any spammy kind of thing, still spam score rises to that much.

Obviously, I feel sad for this.

And, I started research to make it down for a healthy look. 

Let me tell you how I able to reduce Moz spam score.  

Step 1: – Go to Moz (link research).

reduce spam score

Step 2: – Click on spam score.

Step 3: – Enter your site URL and press on the ‘Analyze‘ button.

Just after clicking, you get your site information.

And the list of sites connected with your website along with columns of DA (domain authority) and Spam Score.

How I Reduce Moz Spam Score 1

Select all the high scoring spammy links and click on ‘export CSV‘ and simply  copy and paste those links on the notepad to save it in .txt file.

Step 4: – Go to Google disavow (to remove those links).

Step5: – Upload the .txt file and ‘save’.

Excellent! You’re done.


In short, what you have to do is (If Moz Spam Score is increased on your site);

That’s it. 

This way you can also reduce moz spam score.

Moz might takes 1-2 months longer to show the new update. 

The changes may alter your website’s domain authority. So, be sure to remove only bad spammy links not all other links.

Meanwhile, be tension-free and keep exploring quality content through your blog. And don’t connect your site with bad links.

What do you think about Moz Spam Score? Write down your opinion in the comment section down below!

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