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SiteGround Review: How Good TRUTH? (#1 Must Read)

Are you looking for the best hosting company in 2023? Or, want to be sure for its services before investing your money in them?

If yes, You’re doing good for tomorrow.

This is SiteGround Review (#1. Customer satisfying hosting company) where I’ll write only the Truth about SiteGround – How Good It Is? Expectation vs Reality.

SiteGround Review: How Good TRUTH? (#1 Must Read) 1

So, read till the end to make your belief strong in siteground hosting

Hosting shouldn’t be only good but better and faster so that your website gets more click in SERP.

Let’s deal with  Siteground review.

Affiliate disclosure: This post may contains affiliate links that means if you made a purchase through these links, I may get a small commission that doesn’t adds extra cost to you. Learn more in disclaimer.

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2023 is ready to start a online business and generate lucrative money from there.  Make your dreams come true this year by establishing your own office on the internet.

SiteGround Review (2023)

SiteGround is the #1. high rated hosting company on the Internet. 

This popular hosting provider consistently receives 5-star ratings and enthusiastic messages from cheerful clients as they give full satisfaction to customers with their excellent service.

Due to that, It is leading fast in the industry day by day for its real commitment in giving all fit services to customers.

“SiteGround is trusted by more than 2,000,000 website owners and officially recommended by Itself.” 

It offers kinds of hosting i.e. Shared hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, cloud hosting and more.

SiteGround Review- What Experts Say

The top recommendations for SiteGround are by:)

siteground review - yoast seo

Apart from these three big names, a number of bloggers, founders and professionalists also talk for Siteground Hosting.

Let’s view these siteground review one by one.

siteground review proof

In the above image, You can see the transformation in overall performances such as enhanced fast server speed, pingdom grade, customer mindset, etc. 

You can rarely find negative issues & review for siteground because their priority is to completely satisfy their audience.  

SiteGround Review: How Good TRUTH? (#1 Must Read) 3

And, this is result of one of the polls where siteground stand most lovable. 

siteground review customers

Can you guess it?

This happens only when you get too impressed by something and wish to own due to excellency in them.  

siteground review - trustpilot

Trustpilot, a world’s great review site, gives siteground review score to 4.8. That such a favorite hosting service among many.

“I wouldn’t be wrong to say that Siteground is a high craze among best hosting seekers.”

Pros and Cons of SiteGround


Every company has its bright and dark sides. 

Let’s look the pros and cons of siteground hosting.

1. Award Winning 99.99% Uptime Records

Not every hosting guarantees you of giving 99.99% uptime. 

Siteground also received  the RealMetrics 100% shared hosting uptime award. The high the uptime the more your site live on the internet.

SiteGround Review: How Good TRUTH? (#1 Must Read) 4

Yes! You read right. Siteground guaranteed to give an additional month of free hosting for every 1% of uptime lost below 99.00% as a compensation. 

Sounds great!

2. Ultra-Fast Server Speed (Google Cloud)

SiteGround is known for its Ultra fast service in the Hosting industry. It uses the latest technologies

  • NGINX based dynamic caching
  • SSDs drives 
  • Ultrafast PHP
  • CDN
  • HTTP/2
  • SG Optimizer Plugin 
to fasten and improve performance on your wordpress site.
Have  a look at its server speed data.
SiteGround Review: How Good TRUTH? (#1 Must Read) 5

“Even a few milliseconds can makes the difference between winning and losing business to competitor.”

siteground review google cloud speed

Siteground is now use Google Cloud for its ultra-fast network. Also, supply SSD storage that is far better than HDD storage for giving its customers all range of desire for a good hosting.

See how people express their feeling for siteground.

SiteGround Review: How Good TRUTH? (#1 Must Read) 6

3. Multi Layered Advanced Security

 SiteGround gives its customers a top level security and reliability in keeping privacy safe and sound.

It includes SSL in all plans that helps in building trust in audience on your site. It also has AI anti-bot system that effectively blocks millions of security threats every day.

The best part is, if you come across with any issue, contact siteground. The team behaves friendly and responsive. They assist &  support to fix them immediately and the right way. 

(With other hosting providers, you have to wait for long comparatively).

4. High Rated Customer Support

SiteGround has a knowledgeable support team that respond instantly and comes up with intelligent solutions. It gives the top satisfaction customer service each time. 

They respond via 24×7 live chat, Ticket, and Phone Support.

siteground review social
siteground review twitter
siteground review tweet

Proof says more than words. Isn’t it?

5. Affordable to its Introductory Prices

The most rated service that is SiteGround has low introductory price that you can start with as a beginner. 

If you are eyeing for more features you can go with its GrowBig package that holds unlimited number of websites and so forth. 

6. Officially Recommended By

SiteGround is officially recommended by the most popular site-building platform WordPress.

It is enough to believe on this reliable hosting.

Further, One-click WordPress Installation

On Siteground WordPress installing is quite easily. It also be able to manage WordPress updates automatically.

7. Plenty of Miscellaneous Features Includes

You choose what, Siteground provides unlimited database, unlimited traffic, free emails, daily backups, free and easy website builder tools in all of its Plans. Here’s a short list of important tools you get out there.

  • Email Service
  • Backup & Restore Tools
  • Smart WordPress Staging
  • WordPress Starter Plugin
  • WordPress Migrator Plugin
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Custom WAF (Web Application Firewall)
  • Real-time server health checks
  • AI anti-bot against malicious traffic

8. Free SSL, CDN and Site Migration

Secure Socket Layers (SSL): Siteground offers you free Let’s encrypt SSL certificates that enhance your website trust and give a safer place for your audience. 

Content Delivery Network (CDN): Now or later, you must need CDN to give user-friendly experience to your readers or audience. 

The CDN tremendously speeds up your load time for visitors from different geographical locations. In quickly speed up the delivery of a page, it caches its content, auto-minifies images, infographics, videos and blocks malicious traffic.

Other places, you have to pay for CDN services But with siteground, you get free CDN on all of its plans. Isn’t it beneficial? 

Site Migration: Migrate your website to siteground immediately with the help of siteground experts. Or, enjoy free automated migrations with our easy-to-use WordPress Migrator plugin.

(This works in case your current website is hosted on other hosting company but you want to land that website on siteground hosting.)

9. Risk Free 30 days Money-Back Guarantee

It’s a common service but matters & helpful in case of refund. 

SiteGround also offers a total refund of payment within 30 days if you don’t satisfy with their services. (No Question Asked). 

No risk. no hassle.

SiteGround Review: How Good TRUTH? (#1 Must Read) 7

High Renewal Price

In general, most of the hosting company charge high renewal price. Also no denial in that siteground is the same here.

But, You can save money in dual ways taking plans for longer time. First big discount on longer plans, and second is no quick renewal charge. So, if your wallet allows you, must go for it so that you enjoy the best deal and happy start in blogging.

Limited Storage

It gives 10 GB, 20GB, 30GB on its Startup, GrowBig, GoGeeks plans respectively.

Even though, a regular WordPress blog doesn’t require more than 3-4 GB Diskspace.

You might be get lose seeing its storage capacity but you should think why people still loving this service worldwide and investing money for this fast & reliable service.

Whatever but The Fact is – ‘SiteGround is the most rated and customer satisfying hosting on the Internet in 2023’. 

You won’t be disappointed using this new generation powerful web hosting company.

SiteGround's Plans and Pricing

In this siteground review, now we see its pricing structure.

As far as its plans & prices are concerned, it is awesome and within the reach of people.

Siteground is the first love of both beginners and developers.

It is available at beginner-friendly budget.

As a beginner, It is the best for you. It charged a bit more but makes a difference later in performance, support and features.

Pricing table of shared hosting plans.

SiteGround Review: How Good TRUTH? (#1 Must Read) 8
Compare Plans On the Basis Of Features

Which Plan Should You Pick?

To be honest, This answer is within you. 

You know better about the requirements and features you need.

But, I’m here to give you all the details. 

I listed the importance of each plan so that you choose the best one for your site. If you choose the best plan for you then you work effectively on your blog without any future issues.

So, the most popular types of hosting siteground offers; 

 Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is most purchased hosting because it is beginners friendly and strongly recommended for those who just starting their blogging career. This hosting is specially for personal or business website owners.  

Managed WordPress Hosting: This makes your work stylish monitoring all important features under a WordPress dashboard. Beginners can also start with managed wordpress hosting for a comfortable & time-saving experience. 

Managed WordPress Hosting is built best for those who intended to create websites/blogs on WordPress.

Cloud Hosting: This is powerful, faster and next level secured hosting where you get more functional resources like CPU, RAM, SSD storage, etc. Powered by Google cloud for ultra speed and quick page loads. 

In short, It is another lust for next level bloggers or website owners.

Enterprise Hosting: This is for big companies, enterprises, organizations that commonly need high and powerful resources to deal with their business easily. 

Here, siteground offers custom plans for enterprisers that means instead of offering ready-made plans, siteground first get to know the specific customer’s business requirements. 

Then they craft a whole infrastructure based on these needs. This hosting is high level and big companies favorite. Amazing!

SiteGround Deals for Our Readers

Feel interested in SiteGround Hosting


Because, It is Still The Best Hosting. 

To activate the deal, all you have to do is to click the bottom to purchase. The best discount will applied automatically.

SiteGround Alternatives

People also wish to know about the best siteground alternatives available in the siteground review. So the most suitable names are below;

Now, read these important FAQs in siteground review to get true answers. Probably, it will help you somewhere.

SiteGround Review - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, SiteGround is, actually, one of the best hosting providers on the internet. It makes your website run ultra fast with super 99.99% uptime guarantee. And its support service is fast and exceptional. Overall its performance is heart winning.(google cloud speed)

Siteground hosting works amazingly faster than many of the leading provider in the industry (I’ve already explained above part in siteground review).

Yes, Of course. Siteground is one of the best options for developers to go.

Siteground pricing is reasonable as it provides you quality service with its various new technologies that’s why they have huge fan base.  Sometimes we pay but we don’t get what we desired.

In case of siteground, you get more than you pay.

Undoubtedly, Siteground!

Siteground is far best than Bluehost in almost every fields of area such as customer support, server speed, user experience, etc.

Yes,  Siteground has a 30-day money-back guarantee offer for their customer without any risk or hassle.

Yes, Transfer your current website to siteground immediately with the help of siteground experts or enjoy free automated migrations with  WordPress Migrator plugin.

Yes, for all the plans of siteground you can use powerful Cloudflare CDN for FREE and all the features and security provided by Cloudflare CDN. Other place, people pay extra for it (Siteground review 2022).

Siteground has a data center in IOWA (USA), Eemshaven (NL), Frankfurt (DE),  London, Singapore, Sydney 

Yes, siteground offers the free let’s encrypt SSL that’s enough for your use.

SiteGround Review Verdict - Should You Buy it?

Considering everything into account,  Siteground is the best option available in 2023 for starting a new blog by beginners as well as pros. This hosting deserves more than you pay for its services.

So, A Big Yes!

It not only fulfills your needs by including most features in their plans but also can be easily affordable by beginners for the best choice.

After buying hosting, be regular and do smart-hard work for your passion to get high success in less time.

Write me your thoughts on this siteground review by leaving a  comment below.

Try Siteground Today!

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  1. Hey Sagar Sahil ,

    Excellent post as usual. Your researches and hard-works are always appreciable.

    Glad to say that you have included a great review of SiteGround hosting. Yes SiteGround is one of a best & top rated hosting provider with plenty of features. SiteGround is basically known for its ultra fast server speed, high uptime and an incredible customer support. Using this SiteGround hosting will undoubtedly provide high security level, reliability and is truly suitable for developers & beginners as well. Using SiteGround hosting will surely provides an amazing user-experience.

    After going through this complete post i really got helpful ideas and i can undoubtedly say that not only this hosting but also its features are awesome.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a helpful post.


    1. Thanks, Buddy!

      I always find you one of those who read blogs here. Feel glad!
      Talking to siteground, it is the leading hosting provider currently because of its unparalleled services & support. People can rarely find its low rating on the internet and siteground wins the place.

      Keep Visiting!😃

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