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6 Best Types of Web Hosting: Explained Why?

Investigating before purchase is a sign of excellent customer. 

Doing this just not make you know more about the services/products but also clarify better to buy a great one suits best to your needs.

The real business exists on the internet.Right?

And so, a large number of desirous people start or expand their business from Offline to Online. I appreciate their steps.

All know, for starting a website and running it mountainous into the e-market, We need a great Web Hosting with a blazing Speed and outstanding records of Uptime.

This Exclusive Guide tells you about the types of web hosting and its features one by one. 

Let’s dive right in.

Types Of Web Hosting: Go Thoroughly

Each website is hosted with any hosting company that makes the website visible on the internet. 

However, Not all one perform in the same way. This is because of the difference in the plans offered by hosting providers. e.g  Shared, VPS, Dedicated, etc.

Every single newbie gets confused in selecting a better hosting and its plans for themselves. Confusion is not the solution but the right knowledge is. 

1. Shared Web Hosting

Without a doubt, Shared hosting is the Best To Start With.

Most of the mass buy shared hosting at their beginning stage and enjoy ride of online journey. It is cheap types of web hosting that is  entirely a beginners-friendly.

Actually, Most Hosting providers offer two types of hosting for WORDPRESS. You might knowing both.

  1. Shared WordPress Hosting
  2. Managed WordPress Hosting
We’ll read managed hosting below in the fourth subheading.

How Does Shared Hosting Works?

As name signals, It is shared among many even thousand other sites on the same server your website is hosted on.

Catch it in other way!

Each of us travel? Yes Of Course.

Traveling in a public bus is a cheap transportation as compared to private vehicle that travels with many passengers so it gets crowded, It has more stops and so takes more time.

In fact, using shared hosting, You may go adjusting with your site.

Who Suits For It?

Shared Hosting is always the best  option for newbies for starting an entry level small website. Bloggers or Small business owner can go with this types of web hosting for their personal blog or websites.

Either you start a low traffic blog or small business website eyeing to have 10,000 to 25,000 visitors per month opting a shared hosting plan is a great fit.

It comes under budget and have easy settings.

However, a popular website or the site who gets peak engagement may affect your website performance because of sharing the single server.


  • Most Common Type Of Web Hosting.
  • Available at affordable prices (Newbie-friendly).
  • No Technical Skills Required.
  • Simple To Setup & Easy to Run.


  • Disadvantage in being shared with other websites on the same singular server. It affects performance at times.
  • Work with slow loading speed and inconsistent uptime rates.
  • No Scalability.

Best Provider Of Shared Hosting

The Top hosting providers for Shared hosting are SiteGround, Hostinger.  Visit to see all the decent features offered by these hosting providing companies.

SiteGround Shared Hosting Package Pricing: #1 BEST😍

  1. StartUp – starts at $3.95/m
  2. GrowBig – starts at $5.95/m
  3. GoGeeks – starts at $11.95/m
Hostinger Shared Hosting package pricing:
  1. Single – starts at $0.99/m
  2. Premium – starts at $2.99/m
  3. Business – starts at $3.99/m

2. VPS Web Hosting

VPS stands for ‘Virtual Private Server’. One of the most amazing and popular web hosting.

It’s a kind of next level Shared Hosting which avail you more features and give you faster and better performance.

How Does VPS Hosting Works?

With VPS hosting, Your hosting provider setup a Virtual Layer on the top of the server. This layer divides the server into partitions and allow users to install their own OS and Software.

This way You get complete control on it. In fact, VPS technology is similar to creating partitions on your own computer when you want to run more than one OSs (e.g. Windows and Linux) without a reboot.

In this, You don;t have to share your resources(RAM, CPU, Diskspace, Bandwidth) with other users.

Who Suits For It?

It’s an awesome sauce for medium to high traffic, resource-heavy, and eCommerce websites.

Website owners who need more resources and traffic than shared hosting but not required dedicated hosting then Virtual Private Server(VPS) is superb option for your running business.

It is price-friendly in other way of think as It costs less than a dedicated server. 


  • Provide Dedicated Resources on Shared Server.
  • Enable you to make custom configuration on the server.
  • Fast speed and higher uptime.
  • Issues and traffic surges of other server users don’t affect your site.
  • Advanced Security that lock your privacy from other sites. So, is more reliable and stable.
  • Root-level access as if you rented a dedicated server, but at a much lower cost.
  • Scalability e.g. You can easily upgrade your resources( RAM, CPU, Bandwidth, Diskspace) as your websites grows with your business.


  • More expansive than shared hosting.
  • Need Technical knowledge to control your server.

Best Provider Of VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting  VPS Package Pricing:

  1. Power+  starts at $25/m
  2. Prestige+  starts at $35/m
  3. Pinnacle+  starts at $50/m

InMotion VPS Hosting Package Pricing:

  1. VPS-1000HA-S – starts at $22.99/m
  2. VPS-2000HA-S – starts at $34.99/m
  3. VPS-3000HA-S – starts at $11.95/m

Liquid Web VPS Hosting Package Pricing:

  1. LINUX – starts from $59/m to $189/m
  2. WINDOWS – starts from $129/m to $219/m

3. Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting is modern kind of web hosting that sounds popular in the last few years.

It creates a virtual network over a dedicated server. It is said latest version of VPS hosting.

This web hosting is considered the best for the upcoming future. 

How Cloud Hosting Works?

Using Cloud Hosting, you don’t get a single physical server but rather a cluster that runs in the cloud.

Every server in the cluster cloud keeps an updated copy of your site. 

This profits as whenever one of the server gets too busy, The cluster automatically redirects the website’s traffic to a less busy server.

And this way, cloud hosting has no issue about Downtime because there’s always be a server in the cluster cloud that accepts the requests of visitors of your website.

In case, If one server fails then too this hosting keeps everything running with another server. 

Who Suits For It?

Unlimited resources means a real joy of ride!

In Future, Your website grows big so you have to upgrade shared hosting to VPS or Cloud hosting for the mountainous performance and productivity of your website.

A website owner who runs a big or multiple websites actually need this Blazing Fast hosting. As they’ll required high resources like CPU cores, High RAM, Disk Storage, etc. Mainly for E-commerce stores, High Traffic Projects.

So, A Client whose website is growing rapidly and monthly visitors crossed over 50K can think of upgrading their plan from shared hosting to Cloud Hosting.

According to the features and resources provided, Cloud Hosting is a great alternative of VPS Hosting. 


  • Isolated Resources Scalability advantage.
  • Ultra Secured.
  • No or extremely less Downtime.
  • Pay-Per-Use (The users only pay for the resources he used)


  • Pricing varies as per your usages
  • Customization is limited

Best Provider Of Cloud Web Hosting

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Package Pricing:

  1. Entry – starts at $80/m
  2. Business – starts at $120/m
  3. Business Plus – starts at $160/m
  4. Super Power –  Starts at $240/m

HostGator Cloud Hosting Package Pricing:

  1. Hatchling+ starts at $4.95/m
  2. Baby+  starts at $6.57/m
  3. Business+  starts at $9.95/m

Hostinger Cloud Package Pricing:

  1. StartUp – starts at $7.45/m
  2. Professional – starts at $14.95/m
  3. Global – starts at $37/m

4. WordPress Managed Web Hosting

Managed Hosting is Specially built for WordPress Users.

WordPress is the widely popular platform to build a site.

How WordPress Hosting Works?

It works the same like shared hosting but gives better and smooth experience.

In other sense, this web hosting considered the best for beginners who are intended to work on WordPress. 

Who Suits For It?

This specific type of hosting works similar to shared hosting but you gets some added WordPress in-built resources with the managed hosting that improves your WordPress site experience.

You know there’re several other platform besides WordPress. e.g Joomla, Drupal, etc.  

But if you are going to build a  WordPress site then Selecting Managed Hosting would be more better for you than Shared Hosting.

Let’s know its up+down sides.


  • Fully Optimized for WordPress (Pre-installation of WordPress and Essential Plugins, Auto Updates, Auto Backups, Caching, Staging and Optimized Dashboard).
  • Easy-to-use and saves time.
  • Unbeatable Performance and Heightened Security to make your WordPress website quick to response.
  • Instant WordPress Support.


  • Restricted to Only WordPress.

Best Provider Of WordPress Managed Web Hosting

WP Engine Hosting Package Pricing:

  1. StartUp – starts at $25/m
  2. Growth – starts at $95.83/m
  3. Scale – starts at $241.67/m

WPX Managed Hosting Package Pricing: #Fastest🚀

  1. Business – starts at $20.83/m
  2. Professional – starts at $41.58/m
  3. Elite – starts at $83.25/m

BlueHost WP Pro Package Pricing:

  1. Build – starts at $19.95/m
  2. Grow – starts at $29.95/m
  3. Scale – starts at $49.9

5. Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting is definitely not for everyone.

And, of course, not for you if you just eye to start a blog to grow your business and earn an impressive amount of revenue online.

However, people of some sectors prefer to go with this simultaneously 

How Reseller Hosting Works?

It works interestingly.

You buy reseller hosting from a hosting provider and resell to your clients under your banner out of the total resource package.

In day to day life, Shopkeepers purchase goods from whole sellers or manufacturer in bulk at the minimum price and sell it additional cost to get sound margin of profit. 

Who Suits For It?

Reseller web hosting is for IT Developers, Web Designers or a technical person who can manage at least 10-12 websites for their clients.

This best suits to a tech savvy. If you’re not one of those I won’t suggest you that it worth for you as a newbie.


  • Resell hosting to your clients under your company.
  • Earn profits as more as you resell. 


  • Have to Provide functions like security, services,technical support, etc. If fails to do your clients move with leaving bad feed backs.

Best Providers of Reseller Web Hosting

A2 Reseller Hosting Package Pricing:

  1. Bronze – starts at $13.19/m
  2. Silver – starts at $18.47/m
  3. Gold- starts at $24.41/m
  4. Platinum – Starts at $40.91/m

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Package Pricing: #Ecofriendly

  1. RESELLER10 – starts at $19.95/m
  2. RESELLER20 – starts at $34.95/m
  3. RESELLER30- starts at $44.95/m
  4. RESELLER40 – starts at $54.95/m
  5. RESELLER50 – Starts at $59.95/m

6. Dedicated Web Server

As name implies, Dedicated server is the top level web hosting that entirely belongs to you. 

This is Big, Fastest and Flexible that comes with many resources & advantages BUT also charge a highly expansive rate.

How Dedicated Server Works?

Using dedicated server,  you are along the ruler of the server.

BUT, first of all, Understand how it works.

With Dedicated server, (1) Either you can look for a hosting company to manage your server, However, It adds additional costs in it.

Or (2) you can manage the entire server on your own.

The main drawback of the second point is that you’ll be the responsible for installing updates or monitoring for the errors. 

If, unfortunately, you took a mistake knowingly or unknowingly, Your site is out or you can face a technical problem.

Who Suits For It?

A dedicated Server is managed by a single client. He has full root access to all the resources on the server.

It is basically fit for all the large businesses, companies, enterprise, banks, Government Organizations, etc. The First & Favorite Choice for them for hassle free stable works.  

So, if you fall under those categories you can enter to dedicated server.


  • Complete Control on the server.
  • Higher Security
  • Information don’t be shared with any other websites.
  • No Tension for faster speed, loading time or Uptime.
  • Enough Resources available.


  • Very costly that can’t be comes into everyone pocket.
  • Technical Knowledge is essentially required

Best Providers of Dedicated Web Server

HostGator Dedicated Hosting Package Pricing:

  1. Value Server – starts at $89.98/m
  2. Power Server – starts at $119.89/m
  3. Enterprise Server – starts at $139.99/m

SiteGround Dedicated Package Pricing:

  1. Entry Server – starts at $269/m
  2. Power Server – starts at $339/m
  3. Super Server – starts at $680.75/m

DreamHost Dedicated Package Pricing:

  1. Standard – starts from $149/m to $229/m
  2. Enhanced – starts from $279/m to $379/m
  3. Enhanced SSD – starts from $279/m to $379/m

Which Web Hosting Is Best For You?

If you could answer this question, my efforts will be paid.

I think, after gone through this article, you can identify the right kind of web hosting that entirely match your needs.

Tell me which types of web hosting suits the most of your needs Or which you already hosted.

It, on the other way,  will be a helpful comment for other readers.

Get Ready! Because It’s Right Time To START YOUR SHOW.🤩

All The Best Wishes To You.

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